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Oteha Valley Road and Harrowglen Drive, Northcross - Intersection signalisation Oteha Valley Road and Harrowglen Drive, Northcross - Intersection signalisation

Proposal status: closed 12 November 2018

Reference number: RSU1819-070

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​We are proposing to improve road safety by signalising the intersection of Oteha Valley Road and Harrowglen Drive, in Northcross. This would also involve:

  • Construction of a raised table zebra crossing on the existing slip lane and installation of signalised pedestrian crossings on Harrowglen Drive and on the western leg of Oteha Valley Road, including pram crossings with tactile pavers.
  • Addition of a left-hand turn lane from Harrowglen Drive onto Oteha Valley Road.
  • Changes to traffic islands and kerb lines.
  • Installation of high friction surfacing on Oteha Valley Road.
  • Formalisation of Bus Stop 4361 outside of 23 Oteha Valley Road.
  • Minor changes to road markings, signage, and lighting.

Download the proposal drawing for Oteha Valley Road and Harrowglen Drive (PDF 1.3MB)

Why the changes are needed

A recent accident which resulted in the fatality of a person attempting to cross Oteha Valley Road has prompted investigations into pedestrian safety along this stretch of road.

The proposed changes would significantly improve safety for the most vulnerable road users by providing formal, designated crossing points and introducing measures that would slow cars down and increase driver awareness. Intersection signalisation would also allow drivers to more easily turn right out of Harrowglen Drive, reducing risks of collisions with oncoming traffic.