Rame Road, Greenhithe - Pedestrian improvements Rame Road, Greenhithe - Pedestrian improvements

Proposal status: Feedback closed 12 September 2019, last updated 21 October 2019

Reference number: RTV-226

We've proposed changes in your area

In August 2019, we proposed improvements to footpaths and crossings on Rame Road in Greenhithe. This is an Upper Harbour Local Board initiative.

The changes include:

  • A new footpath along the western side of Rame Road and the eastern side of Rame Road between Greenhithe Road and Almond Grove, as well as the re-construction of the existing footpath.
  • No Stopping At All Times parking restrictions to make sure parked cars do not block the visibility of drivers approaching the proposed pedestrian refuge at 48 Rame Road and the nearby intersection with Windfall Grove.
  • Additional tree trimming and removal may also be required to ensure visibility of the road at specific locations.

Please be assured that our contractors will liaise directly with property owners where driveways or stormwater facilities are affected.

Download the proposal drawing for Rame Road, Greenhithe (PDF 8.1MB, 6 pages).

Why the changes are needed

These changes are needed to improve safety and convenience for people walking in this neighbourhood.

Proposal update

Feedback for this proposal has now closed, and we are in the process of reviewing all community suggestions.

We recognise that this is an important issue for the community. We have postponed any decisions regarding the outcome of this proposal until after the local government election, which concluded on the 12th October 2019. We are going to meet with the Upper Harbour Local Board to discuss a summary of community feedback and the direction of the project.

More information about this proposal will be posted here once these discussions finish, and all respondents and key stakeholders will be notified by email.