Vine Street, Mangere East – Raised zebra crossing Vine Street, Mangere East – Raised zebra crossing

Proposal status: Feedback closed 19 December 2019, last updated 18 February 2020.

Reference number: MIP1920-020

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In December 2019, we proposed to install a raised zebra crossing outside 69 Vine Street in Mangere East. Changes include a new zebra crossing on a raised platform that is level with the footpath, new road markings and signs, and the removal of the unused bus stop in front of 64-66 Vine Street. This will involve the removal of 5 on-street parking spaces and adding 3 parking spaces at the unused bus stop.

This proposal responded to a request from local residents to address the lack of pedestrian crossings along Vine Street. Our studies show a significant number of pedestrians, especially, young school children, crossing near this location. There has been a serious injury crash involving a young child crossing near this location. Our recommended raised zebra crossing aims to greatly improve the safety of people walking.

Download the proposal drawing for Vine Street (PDF 2.3MB) 

Proposal outcome

The proposed changes will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning before being constructed. Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Community feedback

  • We received supportive feedback to the construction of the raised zebra crossing.
    Thank you for your feedback and glad to hear the proposal will improve the safety of the community.
  • Respondent suggested to have blinking orange beacons ('lollipop lights that blink') installed with the crossing.
    Blinking orange beacons are generally used for crossings on higher volume roads where speeds are expected to be higher and drivers may not be expecting a crossing. For the volume of traffic on Vine Street we expect a static orange beacon to be sufficient. This would also be consistent with other crossings in the surrounding area.
  • Respondents suggested bus stop upgrades on Vine Street including: a bus shelter and/or seats and to have timetables displayed.
    Upgrades to the bus stops outside the park are not part of this project, however, we will pass the request to the relevant team within Auckland Transport to be considered for upgrade.

Next steps

These works are planned by June 2021, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.