Hobsonville Point Road, Hobsonville –Mobility parking and parking review Hobsonville Point Road, Hobsonville –Mobility parking and parking review

Proposal status: Feedback closed

Proposal outcome

In April 2023, we proposed to provide a P180 mobility parking space on De Havilland Road and change the existing P120 parking restriction to P60 on Hobsonville Point Road, Baffin Road, and De Havilland Road in Hobsonville to improve parking availability.

After reviewing all the feedback we received, we are proceeding with the work as proposed.

What happens next

We anticipate the works will start in July to August 2023. 

Community feedback

Thank you for helping us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by your local knowledge.

From the feedback received, 74% of respondents have let us know that reducing the parking time limit would benefit the community.

Members of the community who supported the changes told us:

  • The changes would improve parking availability, access to shops and medical centre.
  • Mobility parking space is crucial near medical services.
  • Parking is difficult to find and turnover is low.
  • P60 is appropriate for the area.
  • It would promote walking.
  • It would improve accessibility for low mobility residents and visitors. We also received suggestions and concerns about the proposed changes.

The following is a summary of this feedback and our responses: 


Create more parking / change to diagonal parking (taking footpath space).

Our response: Angle parking would not be suitable or safe due to the cycle lane and traffic volume on Hobsonville Road. There is not enough space along Hobsonville Road to accommodate angle parking due to the associated minimum manoeuvring space required.

Enforcement will be needed.

Our response: Our Parking Compliance Team will monitor this area after the new time restrictions have been put in place.

We also ask the community to assist us when illegal parking behaviour is observed. You can get in touch with us by calling (09) 355 3553 at any time of the day, with the details of the vehicle to request enforcement action.

Paint broken yellow lines on De Havilland Road.

Our response: Broken yellow lines are installed where necessary, based on the safety or access needs of the area. Currently, additional broken yellow lines are not required to ensure access or improve safety on De Havilland Road, therefore we will not be installing broken yellow lines as part of the changes.

Only implement the mobility park.

Our response: We proposed to change the time restrictions in response to requests from the community and have received significant support for the proposal during the consultation. Reducing the time limits will increase parking turnover and improve parking availability in the area.

We appreciate that while reducing the parking time can be an inconvenience, there are unrestricted parking spaces nearby available to the public.

Time restrictions only until 5pm.

Our response: The new P60 Monday to Sunday parking restrictions apply between 8am to 6pm as it is the busiest period. We will continue to monitor the area after the changes have been made to see if any additional changes are necessary.

Create motorcycle parking.

Our response: When we receive requests for changes, we consider the demand as well as the number of requests from the public. At this stage the demand for motorcycle parking is low. If we receive additional requests in the future, we may consider installing motorcycle parking here.

Remove the bollard at near Baffin/toilet on De Havilland to provide more parking.

Our response: The bollards in those areas were installed to protect pedestrians waiting to cross from either side of Baffin Street and De Havilland Road. Removing the bollards may compromise pedestrian safety, therefore we will not be removing them.

Make the parking spaces on Hobsonville Pt Rd P60, leave the ones on De Havilland P120.

Having different restrictions within a short distance can create confusion. Changing all the spaces to one-time restriction helps maintain consistency and makes it easier for people parking to understand them.


P60 is not long enough for meals/doctor’s visits.

Our response: We appreciate that certain businesses or customers might need longer parking times. There is unrestricted parking on Baffin Street, De Havilland Road, or Hobsonville Road available to visitors and residents. We’d recommend people who require longer parking times to use these spaces.

Changes are unnecessary.

Our response: These changes aim to improve parking availability and was in response to community requests. The majority of feedback respondents have let us know that the parking time reduction from P120 to P60 would benefit the community.

Concern about parking displacement.

Our response: We do not expect the changes would result in significant parking displacement issues, as no parking spaces will be removed. We will continue to monitor the area after the changes have been made to see if any further changes are necessary. 

Time limits harm people with low mobility that don’t have passes (elderly, injured etc).

Our response: We appreciate that people with mobility needs may require longer parking times and we proposed to install a mobility parking space to ensure their safety.

We recommend people who have a mobility need but do not have a permit to visit this website for further information.

For people who may not be eligible for a mobility parking permit, there are several unrestricted parking spaces on Baffin Street, De Havilland Road, or Hobsonville Road available to visitors and residents.

Would negatively impact residents.

Our response: The proposed P60 parking restriction aims to prioritise short-term stays for visitors in the area. These parking spaces will become unrestricted after 6pm, providing long-term parking options for residents in the area.

Parking time would need to be shorter to change behaviour.

Our response: We appreciate that P30 may suit some visitors. However, the proposed P60 time restriction has been based on the needs of the majority of businesses operating in the area and has been supported in the feedback we received during consultation.

Mobility parking needs turnover too, leave at P120.

Our response: ​A P180 time restriction will apply to the mobility parking space to provide permit holders sufficient time while still enabling turnover.

Mobility permit holders can also park for double the time restriction indicated on parking signage in areas where there are P5, P10, P15, P30, P45, P60, P90 and P120 time restrictions. For instance, in P30 space, permit holders can park for 60 minutes.

We’re proposing improvements in your area

In response to requests from businesses to improve parking availability on Hobsonville Point Road, we are proposing to change the existing parking time restrictions from P120 (2 hours) to P60 (1 hour) as well as adding a new mobility parking space (P180).

We are proposing to: 

  • Change the existing parking time restrictions from P120 to P60 of 12 parking spaces along the commercial area at 160 Hobsonville Point Road, Baffin Street and De Havilland Road.
  • Add a mobility parking space (P180) outside the Hobsonville Point Medical Centre.

Download Hobsonville Point Road proposal drawing (PDF 351KB).

How will this benefit your neighbourhood

  • Changing the time restriction would improve parking availability, meaning that more people can access the shops at 160 Hobsonville Point Road.
  • Adding a mobility parking space to improve parking availability for visitors with accessibility needs.

 What happens next

  • We’ll consider all the feedback we receive, and then decide the best way to move forward.
  • We’ll post the outcome of this proposal and a summary of community feedback on this webpage.
  • We can email you the proposal outcome as soon as it’s ready – just select that option when you fill in the survey.