Auckland Transport launches web tool to shield against domestic violence

Auckland Transport (AT) is standing up against domestic violence and has now adopted a tool to help protect its staff and customers. 

A shield icon now sits on the AT website and means anyone in a domestic violence situation can access resources to help without fear of this appearing in their browser’s history.

The Shielded Site Project is an initiative by Women’s Refuge to make it safer to ask for help.

Once clicked, the shield icon on the bottom of the AT website launches a resource to help victims of domestic violence. The browser history will simply show that the visitor used the Auckland Transport site for transport information. The Auckland Transport site gets around 270,000 visits per week.

Women’s Refuge applauds Auckland Transport for adding the Shielded Site icon to its website.

“This demonstrates AT’s on-going commitment to assisting those who are experiencing family violence in Aotearoa. This initiative only works if the icon is used far and wide, giving women a range of sites to access help from and we are grateful that Auckland Transport has chosen to be a part of this programme.”

Auckland Transport is a safe and supportive workplace for people experiencing domestic violence.

AT has 16 specially trained First Responders who offer discreet assistance to anyone who needs it. First Responders ensure appropriate support and workplace safety planning is provided, and facilitate access to specialist domestic violence community organisations when necessary.

Shane Ellison, Chief Executive of Auckland Transport, says AT is proud to help those experiencing family violence.

“The safety and wellbeing of our staff, and of our customers, is so important. We want all Aucklanders to know that they are tiakitanga - safe with us. If you need any support at all, visit and click the shield right at the bottom of the page. This resource won’t show up in your browser history but will provide you with access to a live chat, as well as other resources to help you get out, or make a plan. We warmly welcome all women and their children to access this support, advocacy and crisis accommodation.”

A list of other websites that have the shield icon can be found on the Shielded website. 

Screenshot of the AT website with shield icon.