Community collaboration to make Devonport and Takapuna safer Community collaboration to make Devonport and Takapuna safer

Devonport and Takapuna may soon be safer places for everyone – as Auckland Transport (AT) has set up community working groups to consider safety improvements for each town centre.

This collaboration has resulted in two town centre speed limit proposals, with consultation planned to open 28 February 2022.

Alongside the speed limit proposals, other safety improvements will be consulted on separately around the middle of 2022. These improvements may include raised pedestrian crossings, raised tables, kerb alterations, targeted speed / safety signage and road markings.

The working groups will consider both the technical aspects of setting a new speed limit that Auckland Transport (AT) would traditionally consider (such as legislation, current driver speeds, pedestrian demand, crash history and road design) combined with the experience of local businesses, residents and community leaders.

Auckland Transport’s Programme Director Nathan Cammock says proposed safety improvements will target areas of safety risk, such as the Calliope / Victoria intersection in Devonport, the Killarney / Hurstmere intersection in Takapuna, and around schools. 

Terence Harpur, Chief Executive of the Takapuna Beach Business Association, says, “we are pleased to be working collaboratively with Auckland Transport at the beginning of this process - working through solutions with their technical experts and local representatives that will work for businesses and residents, to ensure a safe, pedestrian and business-friendly environment for years to come.”

Dianne Hale, Chair of the Devonport Business Association, says: “working alongside Auckland Transport means that not only will the technical aspects be considered, but the residents and local businesses will be able to add their vital input and experience. We’re pleased to work together to identify the most appropriate safety improvements for Devonport.”

Over the past 24-months, safe speed town centre zones have been introduced to Mairangi Bay, Torbay, Ōtāhuhu, Orewa, West Lynn, Mission Bay and St Heliers.

Roads where speed limit changes and safety improvements were installed in 2020 have demonstrated a significant improvement in road trauma.

Roads where speed limits were changed on 30 June 2020, experienced a 67 per cent reduction in deaths and a 19 per cent reduction in injury crashes in the 12-months that followed - when compared to the prior five-year comparison period.