Ticket changes coming for Devonport and Waiheke ferries Ticket changes coming for Devonport and Waiheke ferries

Date: 8 August 2022

As part of the recently announced new agreements to improve Auckland’s ferry network, three key changes to fares will soon be coming for ferry passengers.

Devonport moves to all travel being on AT HOP

Following last month’s announcement of the change in status of the Devonport ferry service, which resulted in the service coming under contract to Auckland Transport (AT), Devonport ferry services have now been fully integrated into AT’s public transport network.

From 19 August 2022, Fullers360 10-trip FlexiPasses and Fullers360 Monthly Passes will no longer be available for purchase for Devonport services, with customers encouraged to use up any unused tickets by 30 November 2022.

Now that the service is part of the integrated public transport network, passengers are encouraged to use an AT HOP card for their travel.

AT’s Group Manager Metro Services Darek Koper says changing from a 10-trip FlexiPass to an AT HOP card will make bus transfers easier.

“This will be a big change for some passengers who have used Fullers360 tickets for a number of years but is an important step to ensure easier and more affordable travel between ferries, buses, and trains with an AT HOP card. New AT HOP Paper Tickets for the Devonport service will also be available from next month."

For more information, see AT.govt.nz/ferrytickets.

Waiheke ferry users to save up to $58 a month

Next month, a fully integrated Waiheke AT HOP adult monthly pass will be introduced.

It allows unlimited travel for one month on Waiheke services, and on all buses and trains that are in the same zone as the start or end of the ferry trip (including Waiheke Bus services).

Mr Koper says this is one of the big benefits of the Quality Partnership Agreement (QPA) for Waiheke residents, recently signed with Fullers360.

“The monthly pass was central to the negotiations concluded last month, providing more value and benefits to the Waiheke community. The cost of the new pass will be $345 - saving $58 when compared to the Fullers360 monthly pass.”

For more information, see AT.govt.nz/monthlypass.

Future change: Buy before you board

Just like travelling by train, AT ferry services will soon shift to ‘buy before you board’.

A campaign will launch in the coming months to advise passengers to purchase a ticket before boarding.

Providing customers and operators with a consistent experience across all services is key to the shift to ‘buy before you board’.

Mr Koper says the change will free up staff to deal with running other parts of the ferry service.

“Buy before you board minimises the need for cash transactions, allowing onboard crew to focus on operational and wider customer service delivery. Currently, very few tickets are purchased onboard a vessel as many customers have already made the move to AT HOP.”