More bike parking across Auckland’s bus and train stations

Four stations across the city now have better cycling facilities thanks to an ongoing improvement programme being rolled out by Auckland Transport (AT).

Akoranga, Smales Farm and Constellation bus stations, along with Panmure train station, have all benefitted from the improvements and now have more bike parking facilities available, with an additional 80 parks added across the four sites.

New bike shelters have also been installed, allowing for more bikes to be stored inside or undercover.

In addition to this, dedicated motorcycle parks within the park and ride area are now available at Akoranga, Smales Farm and Constellation bus stations.

Rachel Freebairn, AT Metro’s Head of Facilities, says the demand for bike parking has certainly increased. “More and more people are choosing to ride a bike to connect with bus or train travel which has meant there has been a shortage of suitable parking at some bus and train stations.

“This rollout is all part of our ongoing programme and commitment to improve facilities for cycling across our public transport hubs, and follows on from work previously completed at Devonport and Gulf Harbour.”

Bike Auckland Chair, Barb Cuthbert, says she is delighted that AT has increased bike park capacity along the Northern Express Busway, and even provided bike shelters.

“It’s so welcome because more people are using e-bikes to cope with the hilly North Shore roads, and want weather protection and better security at the bike parks. The upgraded bike parking will mean more people can bike to the NEX and less pressure for car parking.”

3.7 million cycle movements were recorded in Auckland for the year December 2019 to November 2020.