Mt Roskill Safer Communities project unveiled

Mt Roskill will now be safer for people walking and cycling as Auckland Transport (AT) unveiled the completed $3.1 million Safer Communities project.

The work includes widened footpaths, reallocated pick-up/drop off areas and new raised zebra crossings to make it much easier for people to get around on foot or by bicycle.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says, "Eighty per cent of all road deaths and serious injuries occur on 50km/h roads, with nearly half of those deaths and injuries involving vulnerable road users like children and the elderly.

"We need to turn these tragic statistics around and make our roads safer for everyone who uses them.

"I'm pleased to see that the Mt Roskill Safer Communities work is now complete and will make it easier and safer to get around the area, especially for people walking and riding bikes."

The roads in this area experience a very high level of pedestrian and vehicle use during peak times, with children walking to and from school. Approximately 3,000 children are enrolled at three main schools located in the vicinity. (Grammar, Intermediate and Primary).

Between 2015 to 2019 there was 20 reported crashes on Frost Road and Carr Road, including two serious crashes involving cyclists.

AT worked closely with the community to make changes to Frost Road, Carr Road and surrounding streets.

Construction on the project began in March 2020, following public consultation which began in 2017. Further consultations were held until 2019.

Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa Ward Councillor Christine Fletcher says as 80 per cent of all road deaths and serious injuries occur on 50km/h roads, programmes like this one are vital.

"By reducing the need to take our children to school by car we can also attempt to cut back peak traffic and reduce carbon emissions."

Fellow Ward Councillor Cathy Casey agrees.

"Deaths and serious injuries on our roads are not only an unacceptable human tragedy, they also discourage people from walking and cycling. Making our roads safer will be good for our environment as well as helping to save lives."

Bobby Shen, Puketāpapa Local Board Member, says the project links in really well with the work that the board has been doing with the greenways network. It will create really safe paths for the thousands of kids going in and out of school.

David Nelson, AT's Portfolio Delivery Director (Projects), says Mt Roskill Safer Communities project has made this residential and business area way better for all road users - especially children, the elderly, cyclists and people walking.

"It is one of many AT projects that will help make our communities safer. Starting back in 2017, AT consulted several times with locals for this project - to ensure our plans were suitable. AT did make some design changes based on community feedback."

"Fast forward to now, we've had to work through COVID-19 restrictions to put in new footpaths, speed cushions / tables, as well as 11 raised pedestrian crossings that will help get kids to and from the nearby schools more safely."

"Mt Roskill was chosen based on the highest number of crashes that could be reduced in this area, which is a focus of Vision Zero."

The Vision Zero approach aims to see no deaths on our network by 2050.

See more details of the Mt Roskill improvements.

Group photo by Mt Roskill Grammar for Safer Communities programme
Image: Pupils from Mt Roskill Grammar School and Mt Roskill Intermediate joined Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, centre, AT Senior Project Manager Ifti Ahmad, left, Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa Ward Councillor Christine Fletcher, Puketāpapa Local Member Bobby Shen and AT's Portfolio Delivery Director (Projects) David Nelson on site.