North Shore areas set for improved bus journey times

Three North Shore areas are set for faster and more reliable bus journeys as Auckland Transport (AT) seeks public feedback on proposed improvements.

Sunnybrae Road in Hillcrest will see two new T2 lanes that will improve bus journey times and reliability.

An approximately 350 metre southbound T2 lane is proposed that would operate 6:30am till 10am, Monday to Friday. An approximately 120 metre northbound T2 lane would operate 4pm till 7pm, Monday to Friday.

Vehicles using the T2 lanes will enjoy travel time savings of up to 100 seconds and 38 seconds respectively. Buses, vehicles carrying two or more people, bicycles, and motorbikes will be permitted to use the T2 lanes.

AT is also seeking public feedback on proposed improvements to Raleigh Road in Northcote, including an AM peak hours bus lane.

The lane would create travel time savings for up to 11 buses an hour, of up to 210 seconds during the busiest part of the morning.

Bicycles and motorbikes will also be permitted to use the bus lane.

Ramsgate Terrace in Mairangi Bay is another road proposed for changes – with a PM peak hours bus lane that will improve bus journey times and reliability.

The bus lane will deliver travel time savings of up to 180 seconds per bus during the busiest times. Bicycles and motorbikes will also be permitted to use it.

Parking will not be permitted within the proposed bus or T2 lanes while they are operating. However, parking surveys indicate there would still be enough parking available on these streets and their nearby streets to accommodate existing parking demand.

Stacey van der Putten, AT’s Group Manager for Metro Services, says the proposal is part of an ongoing programme to improve bus journey times and reliability throughout Auckland.

“We know that Aucklanders want better travel choices and more reliable journey times. Improving the bus network is a key part of delivering on this,” she says.

North Shore Ward Councillor Richard Hills says bus priority improves public transport with faster journeys and reliability of trips for passengers.
“I have always supported improvements, such as these, that reduce the reliance on cars. These improvements to our public transport network save us time, assist with congestion, and reduce our impact on the environment.”

North Shore Ward Councillor Chris Darby says proposed bus priority lanes respond to the runaway success of people climbing aboard buses on the shore.

“They improve the speed and reliability of journey times, making taking the bus even more attractive. Bus priority lanes encourage people to swap their car trip for a bus trip, creating room on the road for those that need it.”

Sunnybrae Road and Raleigh Road public feedback is open till 16 August. Ramsgate Terrace public feedback period runs until 23 August.

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