Redoubt Road dynamic lanes go live Monday 9 November

To reduce congestion, Auckland Transport (AT) has installed dynamic lanes on Redoubt Road in Manukau, between the Southern Motorway offramp and Hollyford Drive.

Dynamic lanes use overhead signs and on road lights to change the direction of centre lanes at peak times, improving traffic flow.

This coming Monday 2 November, the overhead signals will switch on, but the lanes will stay the same for one week. This will give the public time to get used to following the overhead signals ahead of the live changes.

The following Monday 9 November, the dynamic lanes will go live for the first time. Dynamic lanes will operate between 3.30pm and 7pm on weekdays.

Mayor of Auckland Phil Goff says a similar project has had big benefits in Whangaparāoa.

“Dynamic lanes are an effective solution to reduce congestion without the costly and time-consuming process of building new physical lanes,” he says.

“They have proved their effectiveness in Whangaparāoa and on the Auckland Harbour Bridge and hopefully will be just as effective on Redoubt Road, which I use frequently.”

Manukau Ward Councillor Alf Filipaina says the changes are a great solution to a longstanding traffic issue in the area.

“On weekday afternoons, most vehicles on Redoubt Road are heading away from Manukau. They have to merge into one lane at the start of Redoubt Road, near the motorway offramp, which can cause delays on the drive or bus ride home.”

“Dynamic lanes are a great, smart, and quick solution that will change the direction of the centre lane on weekdays and remove that pinch point.”

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board Chair Lotu Fuli is pleased to see safety improvements as part of the project.

“Safer road crossings at Redoubt Road, Diorella Drive, and Hollyford Drive will make it much safer for those getting off the bus, kids walking to school, and people heading towards the shops at Manukau. Our board are thrilled to see this project completed and ready to go.”

Safety for everyone using the dynamic lanes is a key priority, so AT has run independent safety checks. Once the dynamic lanes go live, AT will be closely monitoring them.

Users of Redoubt Road will see the signals switched on from Monday, but the lanes will be unchanged until the ‘go live’ date on November 9.


  • Monday 2 November: The overhead signals will switch on, and lanes will stay the same for one week.
  • Monday 9 November: The dynamic lanes will be fully operational on weekdays between 3.30pm and 7pm.

Read more information about the project.

Dynamic lanes at night