Safety in St Heliers – an update

The footpath by Vellenoweth Green is interrupted by large tree roots making it an unsafe place to walk, use a wheelchair, or take a push chair.

Work starts on the new pathway next week.

AT’s Road Safety Engineering Manager, Michael Brown, says leaving the existing refuge in place was not an option as it fell below safety standards.

“It would need to be upgraded to meet the current safety standards and this would have meant a change to the existing layout. Instead, a much safer pedestrian zebra crossing has been installed near Goldie Street.”

“We are looking to install a temporary crossing facility by The Parade while the Vellenoweth Green pathway is built.”

“We will work with the local board and other key stakeholders on this. We are also looking to install another safe crossing facility on Tamaki Drive closer to Long Drive – however this needs to go through the usual public consultation before it can be constructed, as it was not part of the safety improvements project. We would look to bring this forward from the next financial year.”