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Traffic counts Traffic counts

Information about traffic volumes assists with road design and in prioritising network improvements. Traffic count data is also valuable in assessing road safety risk exposure and helping identify how effective past improvements have been.

The Auckland Transport traffic flow counting programme is carried out based on road hierarchy and need.

Traffic count data

Download the Traffic Count data from July 2005 to March 2020 (xlsx 3.8MB)

Last updated 1 May 2020.

Contact Auckland Transport to request Traffic Count data across the Auckland region prior to 2012. Please note, data prior to 2012 is quite sparse and is only available in summary format, there is no guarantee there will be data available for every site.

Average Daily Traffic Counts

This data is obtained from our Asset Inventory Database and is refreshed weekly by the Auckland Transport Open GIS Data team

View the Average Daily Traffic Counts website

Traffic counts data explained

Traffic count data is collected for AT at sites within the Auckland region. 

Traffic count sites are listed in the spreadsheet by area and then alphabetical order by street name. Each column is explained here:

  • Road name: The road the traffic count was carried out on.
  • Description: The exact location of where on the road that the traffic count was placed (GPS co-ordinates included from 9 February 2018).
  • Count start date: The date that the 7-day count started.
  • 5 day ADT: the Average Daily Traffic (vehicles per day) based on a Monday – Friday week.
  • 7-day average: the Average Daily Traffic (vehicles per day) based on a Monday – Sunday week.
  • Sat: The total number of vehicles that were counted on Saturday.
  • Sun: The total number of vehicles that were counted on Sunday.
  • Direction: Indicates which side of the road the count was on.
  • AM peak volume: The volume of traffic counted in the morning peak hour.
  • PM peak volume: The volume of traffic counted in the afternoon peak hour.
  • Midday peak volume: The volume of traffic counted in the midday peak hour
  • HCV%: Percentage of total vehicles counted that are heavy commercial vehicles (HCV).

Prior to 2011, traffic count data was collected by the legacy councils: Auckland City, Franklin District, North Shore City, Manukau City, Papakura District, Rodney District and Waitakere City.

Traffic count data terms of use

While all due care has been taken in the preparation and provision of this service, Auckland Transport does not give any warranty that the information contained is accurate and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from the use of the data.

People using the traffic count data should apply and rely upon their own skill and judgement when using the information, and consider the consequences arising from its use. The data should not be used in isolation from other sources of advice and information. The data is for individual use and can’t be republished without AT approval.

Please note that traffic flow counts are variable due to various external factors, eg sensitivity of equipment, counting methods used, congestion effects and seasonal variations. The traffic flow data is intended to be used as an approximate indication of traffic volumes at counting sites.

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