Filming opportunities Filming opportunities

Learn more about filming across our transport locations.

Filming on public transport and public transport facilities

Production companies seeking to film on public transport and public transport facilities should contact MediaWorks in the first instance.

MediaWorks will work with Auckland Transport to consider filming requests.

Any filming activity at a public transport facility or on public transport infrastructure such as trains, buses, ferries, rail stations, bus terminals, bus stops and wharves requires formal approval from Auckland Transport. This is to ensure normal public transport operations are not interrupted by filming activity, and passenger movements are not impeded.

There are many potential hazards when filming in and around public transport and specific permits are required that identify health and safety hazards.

Permission is required by Auckland Transport and the relevant operators and for this reason up to 15 working days may be required to process applications, even more if the request requires a large crew and/or high impact.

Charity applications

All low-impact charity enquiries can be sent to, these applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and a minimum of 10 working days are required to process these applications.

You will still need to notify MediaWorks of your intended activities and they will advise you if further permits are required.

Filming on roads and film parking permits

Production companies seeking to film on Auckland roads should contact Screen Auckland in the first instance.

To reserve parking spaces for any technical vehicles associated with a film shoot in the Auckland region, you must apply for a film parking permit. These permits are specifically for essential film equipment vehicles and are not intended for crew vehicle use.