Harbour events & calendar Harbour events & calendar

Guidance for anyone planning to hold an event on or in the water that is likely to affect the normal operation of other vessels and water users in the area of the event.

Harbour events calendar

Download harbour events calendar 2023-2024 (PDF 395KB).

Planning a harbour event

What you should do

  • Check that your event doesn't clash with any other major activity on the water, which could put your participants at risk.
  • Check whether you have made adequate provision for the safety of navigation at your event, and decide if you need dispensation from any bylaws.
  • If your event involves powered craft, and riders wish to approach and leave the beach at greater than 5 knots, you will need to apply for dispensation.
  • Check if you need an event permit - issued by Auckland Council. If an event permit is required, the (Auckland Council) Events facilitation team can liaise with the Harbourmaster's office on your behalf. Full details on applying for an event permit are available on the Auckland Council website.

Harbour racing buoys, event area markers and safety

To protect important navigation aids there is a series of permanent yellow buoys positioned around the harbour for racing purposes. Download the Harbour Racing Buoys Chart and Positions (PDF 810KB). The Harbourmaster's office has inflatable buoys available for event organisers. These inflatable buoys can be used by any group for their harbour event.

We can also assist you with safety precautions, such as checking the weather and shipping movements during the event, and to arrange for patrol boats to monitor the event.