Harbourmaster's office Harbourmaster's office

The Harbourmaster's office is responsible for maritime safety for the environment, harbours, and users navigating in or on the water of the Auckland region.

Contacting the Harbourmaster's office

Email harbourmaster@at.govt.nz or call if urgent 09 3620397 to speak to a duty officer available 24 hours.

For more information, please contact us online

The Harbourmaster's office can be contacted for:

  • Harbour emergencies including accidents and incidents.
  • Enforcement of the Navigation Bylaw 2021.
  • Oil spills
  • Marine safety issues including dangerous boating.
  • Reports of illegal anchoring.
  • Reserved areas.
  • Mooring enquiries.
  • Damage to buoys and beacons.
  • Navigation hazards of large items of litter or debris floating in the water (within the 12 nautical mile limit). For example, shipping containers, drums, cars, animals or logs.

Roles performed by Harbourmaster’s Office

  • Carry out regular patrols to ensure that harbour users know the rules and are abiding by the Navigation Bylaw, promoting safe boating.
  • Maintain navigation aids, lights and beacons around the region.
  • Maintain safe boating signage at your local boat ramps.
  • Remove hazards (when appropriate), such as large logs and fallen trees from local waterways.
  • Respond to marine oil spill events.
  • Issue and maintain mooring licences for 3850 swing and pile moorings.
  • Ensure aquatic events do not clash or pose undue navigation or safety risks to other users.
  • Dispose of abandoned vessels.

Harbourmaster fees & charges

View a summary of Harbourmaster fees or charges, and payment options.

Pest-free warrant

Pest-free 2050 logo.

Harbourmaster’s Office holds a Pest-free Warrant, meeting DOC and Auckland Council’s biosecurity standards for visiting islands in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Learn more about Visiting the Hauraki Gulf islands.

Find out more about Pest free warrant holders (links to doc.govt.nz).