Lost property Lost property

Auckland Transport does not hold lost property but the providers of public transport services do where possible.

If you have lost something on a bus, ferry or train please supply as many details as possible of the service you were using when you lost the item.

If you find lost property on a service, please do not touch the item and notify a staff member on board as soon as possible.

Lost property on bus

If you have left something on the:

  • bus 38 and the Airport service - call 09 257 7688 (between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm).
  • CityLink, InnerLink or OuterLink - call 09 373 9125.

For all other services, please call us on 09 366 6400 and we will put you in touch with the appropriate bus operator you travelled with.

This process also applies if you have lost something on a rail bus to. 

If you find lost property on a bus, please do not touch the item and notify a staff member on board as soon as possible.

Lost property on train

If you have left something on a train, you will need to call Auckland One Rail (AOR), who operate the trains in the Auckland region.

Auckland One Rail can be contacted on 09 969 7777 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm or email lostproperty@aucklandonerail.co.nz.

When you call AOR, your call may be picked up by an answering machine.

If this happens, don't worry. Just leave your details and they'll get back to you.

Please ensure you provide the following information:

  • Your name, address and daytime phone number.
  • What day you lost the item.
  • A full description of the item (ie: make, model, colour and any other individual characteristics to help identify the property).
  • The time of the service you were on.
  • The stations you boarded and disembarked at.

Find out more about AOR's process to recover lost property on the Auckland One Rail website.  

All items of Lost Property found on board Trains or at stations should be handed into the Lost Property Office in the following location:

Lost Property Office
Level B1
Britomart Train Station (East)

Lost property on ferry

If you find lost property on a ferry, please do not touch the item and notify a crew member on board as soon as possible.

If you have left something on a ferry, please contact the ferry operator directly.

Find ferry transport operators' contact details.

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