Auckland Transport

School buses to Target Road Primary

  • 053 : Unsworth to Westlake Schools
    Departs: 7.35am
    Operator: Metrolink
    Serving: Rosmini College , St Josephs (Takapuna) , Takapuna Normal Intermediate , Target Road Primary , Wairau Intermediate , Westlake Boys , Westlake Girls
    Route: Unsworth (from Bronze Wing Terrace), Barbados, Meadowood, Devonshire, Caribbean, Sunset, Trias, Athena, Trias, Totaravale, Sunnynook, Becroft, Wairau Intermediate (School Loop), Beecroft, Sunnynook, Target Road (for Target Rd Primary), Wairau, Taharoto, Westlake Boys, Westlake Girls, Takapuna Normal Intermediate, Dominion, St Josephs, Rosmini College
    Notes: Last updated 11 February 2015
  • 078 : Unsworth to Glenfield College
    Departs: 7.40am
    Operator: Birkenhead Transport
    Serving: Target Road Primary
    Route: Unsworth (from corner of Bluebird), Albany Highway, Sunset, Caribbean, Devonshire, Meadowood, Sunset, Sycamore, Sunnynook, Totaravale, Trias, Sunset, Target (for Target Road Primary), Wairau, Glenfield, Manuka (for Manuka School), Easton Park, Kaipatiki (for Glenfield College to stop near tennis courts).

School buses from Target Road Primary

  • 078 : Glenfield College to Totaravale
    Departs: 3.20pm
    Operator: Birkenhead Transport
    Serving: Glenfield College , Manuka School , Target Road Primary
    Route: Kaipatiki (for Glenfield College from stop near tennis courts), Kaipatiki (U-turn at Kaipatiki/Stanley roundabout and back again), Easton Park, Manuka (for Manuka School), Manuka, Hogans, Weldene, Diana, Wairau, Target (for Target Road Primary), Sunset, Trias, Athena, Trias, Totaravale, Sunnynook, Sycamore, Sunset, Meadowood, Barbados, Unsworth, Goldfinch, Caribbean, Sunset (to stop after corner Girrahween Drive).