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We are working with NZTA to investigate the feasibility of launching a cycle share in Auckland's city centre.

Feasibility study

We are doing a feasibility study to work out what cycle share system could be appropriate for Auckland. 

The study includes:

  • An international cycle share benchmarking exercise.
  • Establishing which operating and funding models would be the most successful.
  • How emerging operational technologies - such as e-bikes, solar powered docking stations, real-time navigation on bikes, smartphone applications or virtual docks - could be part of the system.
  • Market testing of potential users.
  • Establishing requirements for statutory approvals.

A large component of the study will ensure that potential changes in transport technology are taken into account. This will ensure that the eventual cycle share is a successful fit-for-purpose system now and is future-proofed for years to come.

We have budget set aside for this investigation and look forward to receiving competitive market quotes for the study.

During this investigation, we will contact existing cycle hire operators to discuss the process and will have the opportunity to submit their interest to operate a cycle share through an open tender process.

About cycle share

Cycle sharing is an innovative, sustainable, healthy public transportation option designed for short distance trips and is used in over 1000 cities throughout the world.

Cycle share systems offer:

  • Enhanced transport choice and flexibility.
  • Improved accessibility to the city centre and reduced congestion.
  • Increased investment in local industry.
  • Health benefits and cost savings.
  • A solution to the barrier of cycle ownership and storage.
  • An easy way to attract new cyclists.

The most successful cycle share cities in the world are those with high market penetration (one daily trip per 20 – 40 residences) and high infrastructure usage (four to eight daily uses per bike).

Auckland is well-suited to a cycle share system with:

  • $200 million of cycle improvements including 52km of cycleways for Auckland by 2018.
  • The number of people cycling has doubled in Auckland over the last two years.
  • Significant employment and population growth forecasted.
  • Growing travel demand in the city centre.

If we have a positive outcome from the feasibility study a cycle share scheme could be delivered in the 2018 - 2021 cycling programme and launch in the 2019/20 summer season. 

Download the Cycle share factsheet (PDF 179KB)

Read Transport Minister Simon Bridges media release 'Cycle share schemes for Auckland and Christchurch being considered'.