Driving around rural schools Driving around rural schools

Driving past rural school buses

Do you drive through rural communities on your commute or throughout your daily routine? You need to know a few important things to keep kids safe on rural roads.

20km/h around stopped school buses

You may be unaware that the speed limit past a stopped school bus is 20km/h. Failing to slow down to 20km/h when passing a stopped school bus puts children who use rural school buses directly at risk.

The speed limit in rural areas is often 80km/h - 100km so when drivers do not slow down to 20km when passing a school bus, little can be done to avoid an accident if a child appears behind a school bus.

Speed around rural schools

Traffic speed around schools is of concern to rural communities. The risk is greatest at times when pick-up and drop-off activities are combined with passing high-speed traffic.