Walking safely on rural roads Walking safely on rural roads

Children who live in rural areas often have to walk on rural roads. These roads are without footpaths, may be narrow, have single lane bridges, fast moving traffic and large trucks or agricultural machinery. Learning how to walk safely in a rural environment is vital for these students.

We can come to your school for a walking safely on rural roads session

We use our student friendly Travel Ninja rural walking video to convey key safety messages to rural students. This in-class session can be done as a standalone activity. However we suggest integrating it with the bus safety session. We can also focus on safe crossing the road using the ‘stop, look, listen’ message. This is especially important in rural areas where there a no pedestrian crossings.

Contact us about the walking safely on rural roads session

Follow on activities for the classroom

Make sure your students know how to walk safely on rural roads by displaying our safe rural walking poster around your school.

travel like a ninja posters

Download the bus safety posters (PDF 808k 3 pages)