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To confirm your vehicle has been towed and find out which tow yard it can be collected from, call (09) 355 3553.

Recovering your vehicle

If you are unable to collect your vehicle straight away, please contact us before going to collect it, as it may have been moved to another storage facility overnight.

If your vehicle has been ticketed and towed by an Auckland Transport authorised towing contractor, you will not need to pay the towing fee in order to collect it, but will be provided with an infringement notice.

If your car has been towed by a private towing company, you will need to pay the towing company upon collection.

How do I know my vehicle has been towed, not stolen?

If your vehicle was parked illegally and is no longer there, it has most likely been ticketed by an Auckland Transport parking officer and towed by an authorised towing contractor. All vehicles that have been towed, either by Auckland Transport contractors or by a private towing company, must be registered with the Police.

The information provided to the Police includes the licence plate number and location the vehicle has been moved to. There may be a delay between your car being removed and the information being provided to the Police, but this should not be longer than about 20 minutes.

I wasn’t parked illegally, but my vehicle is gone

If your vehicle was not parked illegally (e.g. infringing a parking time-limit) it may have been moved for safety reasons. If your car has been towed for safety reasons, for example to enable emergency work to be carried out, you will not be ticketed and your vehicle is likely to have been moved to a safe location nearby, rather than one of the tow yards.

Please check with the Police to confirm whether your car has been moved or needs to be reported as stolen.

Why vehicles are towed

If your vehicle has been towed, it will have been moved for one of three reasons:

  1. Road safety
  2. Obstruction
  3. Public interest

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