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Find and share rides with other people who travel to and from the same places.

For some people walking, cycling or using public transport may not be an option. This is where carpooling comes in. Carpooling is an easy way to reduce costs, meet new people and do your bit for the environment.

Let’s Carpool is a national carpool match service designed to help commuters connect with people who share similar journeys. Employees can benefit from Let’s Carpool, by choosing to connect with carpoolers from within their workplace. This can help to reduce fears around carpooling with strangers, as you will be carpooling to work with a colleague.

Let’s Carpool can be used for your regular commute or for a one-off trip. Register for Let’s Carpool, and check out our Facebook page for more information and competitions.

Join Let's Carpool

Get your workplace carpooling

Employers can benefit from Let’s Carpool as well. You can set up a branded employee page on Let’s Carpool to make it easy for staff to sign up and connect with workmates.

Over 300 businesses are part of the North Harbour Business Association’s carpool scheme. Getting so many people to carpool has helped to reduce traffic numbers around this busy business area.

The national site is supported in Auckland by AT and includes regional pages for local promotions and information. The scheme is open to anyone looking to find and share rides for their regular commute, one-off events around Auckland, or inter-regional trips.

Your business can share the benefits through:

  • Lower demand for parking spaces around the worksite.
  • Reduced congestion and parking issues.
  • Increased staff productivity and retention.
  • Lower fleet operating costs.
  • Promotion of internal social networks.
  • Savings on maintenance and operational costs such as lighting and security.

Free resources and support

Let’s Carpool offers a comprehensive service for employers and tertiary institutions interested in setting up workplace carpool schemes.

It also provides your business with the promotional tools and support needed to successfully introduce carpooling to your staff, such as posters, employee guides and web banners.

Workplaces can join the scheme for free to receive access to the software, a dedicated branded page on the Let’s Carpool system, and reporting and administration assistance from the Commute team.