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Carpooling Carpooling

Carpooling is a great choice for those who can't commute by walking, cycling or public transport. Find and share rides with people who travel to and from the same places.

Download the Smart Travel app

Save time and money by carpooling. The Smart Travel app makes it easy by connecting you with like-minded locals that travel to similar destinations.

By carpooling, you'll be spending less on less fuel and parking, and you'll even be able to use the T2 and T3 transit lanes. Choose your ridesharer by destination, age and gender. It's a great way to meet new people while reducing your carbon footprint.

Download the Smart Travel app for the iPhone on the App Store   Download the Smart Travel app for Android on the Google Play store

Don't have a smartphone? Use Smart Travel online.

Get your workplace carpooling

Employers can benefit from carpooling too. As well as reducing congesting, carpooling can reduce demand for on-site parking. Your employees will get to know each other better and staff retention and recruitment can also be improved by offering carpooling as a travel choice.

Find out more about workplace carpooling

Benefits of carpooling in Auckland

By carpooling, you'll have access to T2 and T3 transit lanes, priority lanes and designated carpool parking.