Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area

The second of 2 related projects is under way to upgrade roading infrastructure at Kumeu and Huapai. This will serve the new Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area (SHA) in the northwest sector of Auckland.

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Project status: Construction
Project zone: West

Project overview

The SHA comprises 1,200 dwellings, including a retirement village. The triangle of land (Huapai Triangle) is bound by the Auckland-Northland Railway to the north (parallel to SH16), Station Road to the northwest and Nobilo Road to the northeast.

Map showing Huapai Triangle and bordering streets in Kumeu

The project includes:

  • The connection between SH16 and Station Road at Huapai where the existing intersections will be upgraded by shifting westwards and signalisation of the existing Station Rd intersection.
  • Upgrading the intersection of SH16 and Access Road. Also, an additional 100m exit lane from Access Road.


  • Increased road capacity for traffic volumes generated by the Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area (SHA) in north-west Auckland
  • Future-proofed accessibility to the area
  • Improved safety at controlled intersections and fair interchange of traffic between side roads and SH16
  • The better-moderated flow of SH16
  • Improved walking and cycling routes
  • Addressing issues of intersections and corridor capacity, safety and connectivity.

Project updates

July 2024 

Starting the evening of Sunday 28 July 2024, crews will be doing some nighttime work to resurface a section of State Highway 16 between Trigg Road and the railway bridge, just before Tapu Road. The work will take place for 5 nights between 7pm to 6am, with stop/go traffic management in place during that time. For more information, see our works notification (PDF 410KB).

June 2024

Due to construction delays brought on by the recent severe weather, we are extending the full road closure that began on 16 May until the end of July. For more information, see our updated works notification (PDF 326KB).

May 2024

A 5-week road closure is scheduled to begin on 16 May 2024. We will be rebuilding the 200-metre stretch of Station Road beginning at SH16 and ending just before Schoolside Road.

For detour maps and more information about the closure, view our works notification (PDF 323KB).

April 2024

Vector converted 3 overhead power cables into underground lines by the Station Road / SH16 intersection. This work by Vector was separate from AT’s Station Road works currently under way.

February 2024

Nighttime road works took place between 3 March to 7 March 2024 to install gas lines across Station Road. 

Late 2023

The work to widen SH16 and upgrade the Station Road intersection began. SH16 remained open during construction and traffic management was in place.

Works on Access Road were completed.

Project details

The principal connection to SH16 for SHA traffic is projected to be via Station Road north to SH16. An alternative route is to the south via Access Road. This intersects SH16 at Kumeu.

The primary purpose of the upgrades for which AT is responsible is to upgrade the capacity of the 2 intersections and their ability to cater for:

  • Increased volumes of traffic on SH16
  • Improved safety and better management of traffic between SH16 and Station and Access Roads
  • Cabra Developments Ltd have upgraded Station Road between Nobilo Road and the pedestrian crossing near Huapai District School.

Kumeu - SH16 Access Road intersection

Improvements to the SH16 and Access Rd intersection will enable:

  • Extension of the double lanes of the SH16 westbound approach to the Access Road intersection
  • Extension of the double lanes of the SH16 eastbound exit from the Access Road intersection
  • A left turn lane added to the SH16 westbound approach to Access Road intersection
  • A new shared path on the southern side of SH16
  • A dvanced stop boxes for cyclists on SH16
  • An additional 100m exit lane from Access Road
  • Improved Access Road outlet to SH16:
    • A new left-turn slip lane between the new western kerb and a new traffic island which will reduce the distance pedestrians and cyclists are required to travel to cross of SH16 (north/south) at this point, therefore, enhancing safety
    • A new pedestrian maze in Access Road on the eastern side of the level crossing
    • Improved warning of the approach of trains.
  • Providing a controlled east-west pedestrian and cycle crossing over Access Road.

Further developments to the level crossing are planned between KiwiRail and SHA developers CABRA Developments Ltd. CABRA Developments Ltd. are funding KiwiRail’s safety upgrades to the level crossing.

The space for widening SH16 has been obtained by shifting the roadway northwards to occupy the planted median on the northern side of SH16, which forms the boundary between SH16 and a service lane to its immediate north. This has also required reconfiguring of the parking and traffic flows in the service lane.

Plan for SH16 and the Access Road intersection

Improvements planned to SH16 and Access Road intersection.

Download detailed plans for the SH16/Access Road intersection (PDF 11MB)

Huapai - SH16/Station Road intersection

A redesigned signalised intersection layout has replaced the previous roundabout design. 

The new proposal to connect Station Road and SH16 is under way. It was agreed to in principle by AT and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. 

The roundabout design was been changed due to the high level of investment required for an option that will not be needed when the Huapai bypass is built. 

The new proposal provided the shifting westwards and signalisation of the existing Station Road intersection and include new walking and cycling facilities along Station Road. The upgrades will allow for increased traffic, and to provide better safety for drivers and pedestrians. 

Improvements proposed for the SH16 and Station Road intersection include: 

  • The upgraded intersection at Station Rd/SH16
  • Realignment of Station Road intersection with SH16 approximately 40m west of its current position
  • Signalised intersection at Station Rd/SH16
  • Short right hand turning lane on SH16 eastbound approach into Station Road
  • Short left hand turning lane on SH16 westbound approach into Station Road
  • Cycling and pedestrian connections from Station Road to Main Road/SH16
  • Improvements at the Station Road intersection address issues related to safety and connectivity. 

Following a safety audit and further consultation, we made the following changes to the design: 

  • The proposed bus stop in front of 22 Station Road has been removed. The position of the southbound bus stop opposite 24 Station Road has not changed. 
  • The proposed carparks along both sides of Station Road have been reconfigured for safety improvements and to reduce the impact on properties. The number of proposed carparks on Station Road will remain the same. 
  • Rubber speed separators will be extended alongside the parking areas between the cycleway and road to improve safety. The purpose of the separators is to force vehicles to slow down as they cross the cycleway to access car parks.
  • Following a safety audit, rubber speed separators will be installed along the cycleway where vehicles need to cross the cycleway such as accessing driveways and carparks. The purpose of the separators is to force vehicles to slow down as they cross the cycleway to access car parks.

Station Road Huapai Improvement

Download detailed designs for Station Road Huapai improvements (PDF 16.4MB)

Download map showing Station Road Huapai improvements (PDF 776KB)

Download detailed designs for raised island separators and rubber speed humps (PDF 1.14MB)

We’ll handle traffic flow in and out of the area, and any detours

Two lanes on SH16 will always be maintained during the day however we do expect delays when traveling. We will also use a mix of temporary traffic signs (like stop/go signs) and traffic lights, and a lower speed limit. We do this to keep traffic moving and keep people who use the roads and footpaths safe. Traffic controllers will help to manage vehicle access. Please follow all signs, light signals and traffic directions.

You’ll need to reduce your speed when you’re driving through the area. Please follow all signs, light signals and traffic directions.

During the project we may need to close a road and set up detours. This will be done at night to reduce the traffic disruption. Please plan ahead and think about using another route. We’ll set up signs that give traffic directions for surrounding roads. To access the businesses along SH16, traffic controllers will be onsite to help you. Please follow all signs, light signals and traffic directions.

​More information about the SHA

The Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area Roading Infrastructure Upgrade Project (Huapai SHA Project) responds to a requirement created by the Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area (SHA) of 1200 dwellings.

This SHA was permitted by the Government and Auckland Council in 2013. Signatories to the resulting contract were:

Consenting Authorities:

  • Government
  • Auckland Council


  • Todd Holdings Ltd.
  • CABRA Developments.

Todd Developments has since withdrawn from the Special Housing Area.

Infrastructure providers/owners:

  • AT
  • Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
  • KiwiRail

History of the SHA

In 2014 the Government entered into a Housing Accord with Auckland Council to build Special Housing Areas (SHAs). The first of these was the Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area which provided for the building of 1200 dwellings in a triangle of land at Huapai, bounded by Station Road, Nobilo Road and the Auckland – Northland Railway.

In 2015, there was an agreement between Auckland Council, NZTA, KiwiRail, AT and the then developers, Todd Property Group and CABRA Developments to upgrade the existing roading infrastructure to support the Huapai SHA development (Todd subsequently withdrew).

An Infrastructure Funding Agreement (IFA) was signed in 2017 with CABRA. This creates a broad time-frame which AT must deliver in stages of the agreed works. At the time of the concord to create the SHA, a plan was agreed for upgrading of roading infrastructure to serve the new SHA

For more information on this project, contact