West Auckland flood recovery progress West Auckland flood recovery progress

Damage has been caused to roads by the 2023 extreme weather events in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland. You can keep updated on the progress of the repair work in your area on this page. 

For information on bus timetable changes for Laingholm and Woodlands Park, please go to Scenic Drive, Titirangi

West Auckland Road Updates

We have not listed all sites on this page as some sites have been completed, while work is still ongoing on others on the design of the repair. Other roads will be added on this site as we work through the programme. Works may be completed on some roads without being added to the website, depending on the scale of the work, and the number of affected residents.

We ask for patience while trying to repair over 2000 sites all over Auckland. 

To report new issues, please contact us.

Bethells Road, Near Steam Hauler Track

Please note other slip sites on Bethells Road have had repairs completed.

24 November 2023

The road open, but there are two slips on the edge of the road, near each other. One of these slips occurred in a storm in 2022, the other in 2023.

We have repair designs ready but need to programme this work for dry weather. We will need to close the road for a period whilst these works are completed, so we would like to programme this work after the Te Henga Road repairs have been completed. 

Slip on Bethells Road from August 2022
Slip on Bethells Road from August 2022
Slip on Bethells Road from 2023 Storms
Slip on Bethells Road from 2023 Storms


160-198 Bethells Road

AT will be working to repair storm related damage at this site. This work includes matting and hydro-seeding.

Caton Road

29 February 2024

Remedial works started at 16 Caton Road on 23rd January 2024, following completion of the service relocation works by Vector and Chorus. The repair works include installation of an anchored steel pole retaining wall, drainage improvements as well as reinstatement of road to bring it back to the original level. It is anticipated the works will take up to 12 weeks complete, weather permitting.

On advice from Geotechnical Engineer and for everyone’s safety, a 3.5 tonne vehicle restriction will apply until the repair works are complete. There are large materials being delivered to site which require a temporary closure, during this time traffic will be stopped by traffic controllers to allow work crews time to safely stop and clear the road of plant and equipment. There is a white board at the entrance on Caton Rd to show when these deliveries are expected.

Over the last month, a total of 8 piles have been installed and anchors placed and tested to allow the contractors to continue with the remaining of the construction.


Delivery board on Caton Road
Delivery board on Caton Road

Access restrictions apply

  • A weight limit of 3 Tonnes applies i.e. up to a large ute or SUV

Water deliveries

Residents in Caton Road were unable to receive water deliveries from May 2023. During February 2024 a number of residents ran short of water. Auckland Transport worked with contractors to resolve the issue, supplying water to residents using a 3.5 T weight limited vehicle. This water was supplied without cost to residents.

Caton Road water deliveries
Caton Road water deliveries

Glenesk Road

28 February 2023

We anticipate works will begin in Glenesk Road on Monday 11 March. 

Downer on behalf of Auckland Transport (AT) will be constructing will be undertaking slip repair works outside numbers 7 and 19 Glenesk Road. This will involve the construction of a retaining wall, repair of the footpath and shoulder. This work is required to stabilise the area and prevent further slips and damage occurring.  

Hours of work



For (duration)

Approximately 3 months

Weather dependent

Traffic management

Road Closure  

Resident only access

The current road closure with resident only access will remain. This will enable our team to safely carry out work. Parking restrictions will also be in place, please follow all signage and directions from traffic management team.  

December 2023

Designs for Glenesk Road are underway.  

The landslide is approximately 34 m in width and approximately 5 – 6 m from road level to water level. It is located on the bank of the stream and has impacted the shoulder of the road but has not reduced the width of the roadway itself.

Temporary traffic lights/Asphalt bunding/ Polythene sheeting are in place until repairs are completed.

Karekare Road

28 February 2024

We started works on Karekare Road, between Piha Road, and the bridge at the Regional Park, on 16 October 2023. Works on these sites are almost complete.

We started works on Lone Kauri Road on Monday 12 February 2024. While works are underway, we will need to close this road. All traffic will need to go via Karekare Road.

Please note we have one more slip site to complete on Karekare Road, after we have completed works on Lone Kauri Road. We will notify the community before we start these works.

Karekare open to residents ONLY

All access to Karekare is open to residents only.

Weight restriction

Lone Kauri Road has a 3.5 Tonnes weight limit.

Fulton Hogan working on slip site repair on Karekare Road
Works underway on Karekare Road
A slip site on Karekare Road

Kay Road

Closed - Residents & Emergency services access only from Waitākere Road end.

Work is underway on the repair design.

While are unable to give a specific timeframe on repair works, we aim to have this work completed in 2024, to restore this connection for the community.

Kellys Road

16 November 2023

The road is open but has some slips. Until the road is repaired, there is one lane closed. Drive with care.


Lone Kauri Road

7 February 2024

There are three sites on Lone Kauri Road that need permanent repair work. Three retaining walls will be built to stabilise the road. Lone Kauri Road has a 3.5 Tonnes weight limit.

Work will begin on Lone Kauri Road on Monday 12 February 2024.

Lone Kauri Road will be closed to all traffic, whilst repairs are underway. All Traffic will need to go via Karekare Road.

Road Closed

24 hours, 7 days a week.

Works will take up to 3 months

Works on Lone Kauri Road will start on 12 February 2024, works are expected to take three months with full road closure.

Karekare open to residents ONLY

All access to Karekare is open to residents only.

Mahoe Road

December 2023

Ventia on behalf of AT will be repairing the damage at 22 Mahoe Road, Titirangi from Friday 15 December 2023. Works will take place 7am to 7pm and will take up to 2 weeks to complete.  

The works include removing the damaged section, rebuilding the retaining wall and repairing the road. The timeframe of works is dependent on weather. 


McEldowney Road

10 April 2023

Partial lane closure - drive with care.


Mountain Road

After starting work at Mountain Road, we have found that our design was not going to fully meet our needs, and as a result we are had to pause to redesign some components of the wall. Despite everyone’s best efforts this does happen sometimes, and it is taking longer than anticipated to finalise the technical issues involved.

Works will restart on Mountain Road when plans are approved.

Works on Mountain Road will continue site by site, and we anticipate this work will take up to 12 months to complete.

Otitori Bay Road

Works are in planning on the second slip at 40 Otitori Bay Road. A priority Give Way is currently in place and managed by the contractor (Ventia). A fence has been installed to secure the remaining slip, and this slip is monitored by the contractor.

When works resume a full road closure will be in place 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. Works will take place between 7am and 7pm.

Pedestrian access will be available up until 8.40am in the morning and after 3.30pm, to allow school students and other pedestrians through.

Vehicles will not have access through.

Paturoa Road

The road is closed around number 15, and work is continuing on the design of the repair for this road.  Below is some information about the damage at this site.

13-15 Paturoa Road

  • The underslip has occurred below an existing timber pole retaining wall, which appears to still be in place, but is undermined
  • An Overland flow path is running through this location which will have to be considered during the design phase along with existing storm water network which needs to be reviewed
  • Temporary traffic management/ weight limits are in place until repairs are completed
  • An underslip extends from the driveway of 12 Paturoa Road for 23 m to the north-east.


Paturoa Road Slip
Paturoa Road Slip

Piha Road

Works on the slip site at 73 Piha Road were completed December 2023.

Retaining wall under works
Retaining wall under works

Rayner Road

11 December 2023

The retaining works to repair the slip damage at the location of 27 Rayner Road is now complete. The road is open.

Slip repairs at 27 Rayner Road
Slip repairs at 27 Rayner Road

31 January 2024

Currently Weight Restriction 3.5 Tonnes at this location

47-49 Rayner Road 

Over the coming weeks we will look to install flexi-posts/hit-sticks outside of number 49, to narrow the road to one side. This will be to prohibit vehicles traveling on the compromised section of the road and allow heavy vehicle movement through this location.

At this time the Geotech’s will be installing further monitoring devices. This site will undergo long term geo-technical monitoring.


47 Rayner Road
47 Rayner Road

Scenic Drive, North Swanson

21 February 2023

We are working with Watercare to complete these works. Watercare is planning to restore the watermain under the road.

Once their works have been completed, Fulton Hogan on behalf of AT will complete the road works. Once works are complete, we anticipate being able to remove the 30k speed restriction. 

9 October 2023 Summary of the decision for Scenic Drive North, Swanson 

Auckland Transport has been investigating options for repair and remediation to the Scenic Drive North site. 

All options have been considered and evaluated and reported to Auckland Transport.

Reporting on these options was available at the end of September, which has now been reviewed by Auckland Transport, its’ advisors, and appointed Contractor. Following consideration of the options, the group has selected minor local interventions and monitoring as the best option. 

The local interventions and monitoring will include the following:
• Localised repair of the road surface only.
• Sealing of roadside drains, and investigation of improved road drainage.
• An extended period of monitoring, which will be reviewed annually.

A full description of the summary note of this update is available here

We understand that dwellings at 1160 to 1174 Scenic Drive North have been damaged at this site and will provide an update to these property owners on plans.

Scenic Drive, Near Arataki

31 January 2024

We have started works on the repair at this site. We anticipate the works will take up to 4 months to complete, the plan is to complete this site, by the end of April 2024. The road will remain closed whilst works are completed. 

The road is closed at this section and there is no through access. The access to Arataki Visitors Centre is only open from the Titirangi End.

Please note there were also 10 slip sites between this site on Scenic Drive and Woodlands Park Road. These are also being worked on. 7 of these sites are completed with 3 more in the design phase. 

Slip at 412 Scenic Drive
Slip at 412 Scenic Drive

 Scenic Drive, Waiatarua (Elevation Site)

February 2024

Design plans are progressing.

The long-term plan for this site is a drainage solution. A series of fan drains are installed to reduce pore pressures from within the slip. In addition to this it is recommended that we install a series of soil nails to stabilize the road pavement.

Residents that have properties within the slip site have been contacted and we are discussing the fan drain option with them. The repair works will include work across private properties, so this is an important element of the planning process.

Once the plans are finalised, we will be able to update the community. 

9 October 2023

Weight Restriction Lifted effective from today

We are pleased to advise that following a review by Geo technical engineers, we are now able to remove the weight restriction requirement at the Scenic Drive Elevation site. 

Contractors have been requested to remove the restricted weight signage from this location over the next 72 hrs.

Scenic Drive, Titirangi 

19 February 2024

There are two large slips on Scenic Drive in Titirangi where the footpath and edge of the road has slipped away. Part of the road is coned off and traffic has been restricted to one lane by temporary traffic lights.

We’re preparing to start work on 27 February 2024. The work will take place between the roundabout at Titirangi and Woodlands Park Road and it will take 3-4 months to complete (weather dependent). Work will take place during the day, 7am to 7pm.

During the works, this section of the road will be closed 24/7.

Pedestrian and cycle access will be made available beside the work site on Scenic Drive, and also through Kohu Road.

The following bus routes are affected by the closure:

Bus Route Number Changes

Glen Eden Intermediate

073 and 074


Green Bay High School

075 and 076

From Tuesday 27 February to Friday 1 March, school bus services will operate at the usual time, and will be guided through the closed section of the road by a traffic controller.


From Monday 4 March school bus routes and times will start 10 minutes earlier in the mornings to accommodate the detour. You should also expect the bus to arrive back a little later with the detour.


Public Bus Route 171


From Midday 27 February, the 171 bus will only service Laingholm, using the usual route but will miss Woodlands Park Road and use Huia Road to and from Titirangi. 


A shuttle bus service will meet the 171 bus in Titirangi to transfer passengers to and from Woodlands Park Road bus stops during the closure of Scenic Drive. 


A timetable of the shuttle bus service is available here.


To fix and secure the road we need to build large retaining walls at each of the slip sites. To do this we need to use heavy equipment which will need to sit on the remaining section of the road. This is a major repair, and is required to prevent further slips in this location.

The works will include:

  • Clearing the slip material
  • Cutting into the existing road to create a working platform for our heavy equipment
  • Drilling large holes into the ground in which the steel columns will be placed
  • Placing of concrete panels which will retain the road and footpath
  • Backfill behind the wall and reinstate the drainage, footpath and road pavement


The detour route:

During works this section of Scenic Drive will be closed. The detour route will be along Woodlands Park Road and Huia Roads, as shown in this picture. We understand the inconvenience that this will cause, and ask drivers to plan ahead and allow extra time. 

Pedestrian and cycle access will be made available beside the work site on Scenic Drive, and also through Kohu Road.

Detour route
Detour Route

Seaview Road

Works are complete and the road is open.

Simpson Road

113 Simpson Road - The repair is in the design phase.

  • A road subsidence has occurred and extended approximately 107m in total in length with 77m of significantly affected carriageway – Failing Retaining wall is located along the edge of the road on the downslope side.
  • Cracks have been sealed and temporary traffic management in place until repairs are completed.

We will continue to monitor the site until permanent repairs start

Takahe Road

21 February 2024

Works to repair the slip on Takahe will be commencing in the next few weeks. To prepare for the works we have to extend the length of the one lane closure, and the access through this will be by temporary traffic lights. We will be in contact with the community when the start date is finalised.

Where and when


Takahe Road, Titirangi, Auckland

When (start date)



24-hour lane closure

For (duration)

Approx. 12 weeks (weather dependent)


24 October 2023

Work continues on the design of the repairs on Takahe Road, we will be able to notify the community once the design is finalised, before works start. There are multiple sites on Takahe Road

#32 Takahe Road

  • The underslip has occurred on the embankment of the road extending into the southern bound lane of the road.
  • Temporary traffic management/ Asphalt bunding/ Polythene sheeting are in place until repairs are completed.
Slip on Takahe Road
Slip on Takahe Road

#11 Takahe Road

The road is open to residents only and the geotechnical assessment is complete and the design is underway. One lane is open with traffic lights at slip site outside #11

Te Henga Road

24 November 2023

There is a slip on the side of the road. The road is open with one lane, please use give way rules.

The design of this repair needs to take into consideration the proximity of the power lines. We are working with Vector on this, and will update the community when repair work will start.

Slip on Te Henga Road, near number 74
Slip on Te Henga Road, near number 74

Titirangi Beach Road

21 February 2024

Works are progressing on target for Titirangi Beach Road. Many thanks to the residents for their patience and understanding through the works.

The following photo shows the poles for the retaining wall that have been installed.

Titirangi Beach Road repairs underway
Titirangi Beach Road repairs underway

8 February 2024

The works to repair the slips on Titirangi Beach Road are planned to start on or just after Monday 12 February 2024. We will address two slip sites, aiming to minimise the impact of noise and congestion on neighbouring residents.

Downer will be working on this site. First they will prepare the site, and move the heavy equipment onto the site. We will be making the slips stable and building timber pole retaining walls at both sites. We will need to close one lane. We will use traffic management, stop/go to manage traffic safely. There may be times when we need to close the road for around 10 minutes to complete elements of the work.

When (start date)

Monday 12 February 2024

Hours of work


For (duration)

Approximately 3 months

Traffic management

Lane closure


4 August 2023

Slip #1

  • An underslip has occurred mostly in the northbound lane of the road. The slip is made up of road subsidence with tension cracks. A slump has formed from the middle of the southbound lane to the road mid-line.
  • Traffic cones have been placed on the side of the road to warn drivers of the hazard and will remain until the road is repaired.
  • Design currently under investigation, with a possible retaining wall and reinstatement of the damaged road pavement as an option.

We will continue to monitor the site until works starts.

Titirangi Beach Road Damage
Titirangi Beach Road Slip Damage

Slip #2

  • A deep under slip has occurred on the road shoulder.  The shoulder is at the crest of an approximately 4 m width by 3 m high vertical slope.


Slip on road shoulder
Slip on road shoulder

Wairere Road

 13 September 2023

The feasibility report for the slip site located at 331 Wairere Road was submitted with soil nails as the preferred design solution. These nails are installed deep into the soil to stabilize the ground.

We have now received approval for this approach and are in the design phase.

Wairere Road slip site
Wairere Road slip site

Open – under reduced speed of 30km/h. Buses & heavy vehicles can use but must travel at a slow speed.

No public access to Lake Wainamu, sand dunes, Bethells Beach & Te Henga walkways.

Waitākere Road Bridge - Underpass closed

Underpass closed at the Intersection of Waitākere Road & Bethells Road.

Extra crossing signs and Hit sticks have been installed on the approach to Bethells Road from Waitakere Road (Township end) for visibility and to improve safety.

The speed limit has been lowered from 1 April 2023 to 60km/hr near the intersection (between 190m north of Bethells Road and 220m south of Township Road).

Pictures of the initial extra signs and hit sticks that were installed in February are below.

Photo showing the additional signs and hit sticks that have been installed on Waitākere Road Bridge
Additional signs and hit sticks that have been installed on Waitākere Road Bridge
Another photo showing the additional signs and hit sticks that have been installed on Waitākere Road Bridge
Additional signs and hit sticks that have been installed on Waitākere Road Bridge


Woodlands Park Road

13 September 2023

In late August we removed polystyrene cover to undertake further soil testing and evaluate the extend of the slip.

Locating watermain pipe taking place from early September.  

4 August 2023

153 Woodland Park Road -

  • An under slip has undermined the shoulder of the local road. 
  • Cracks have been sealed and temporary traffic management in place until repairs are completed.
Woodlands Park Road, cracks in the road
Cracks in Woodlands Park Road
Polythene protection on the slip
Polythene protection on the slip

Yelash Road

4 August 2023

Multiple underslips have occurred along Yelash Road near property number 13. The stream and a couple of culverts will need to be worked into the design.

We are working on a design for this road, and we are communicating with the property owner.

Slip on Yelash Road
Slip on Yelash Road