Tamaki Drive, Kohimarama – Pedestrian Safety Improvements Tamaki Drive, Kohimarama – Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Proposal status: Feedback closed 5 July 2021

Reference number: RSU1920-019

Proposal update

We advised you in August 2021 that these works were scheduled to be constructed by the end of June 2022.

Next steps

This project now has a construction target of April/May 2022.

Proposal outcome

In June 2021, we proposed changes to improve pedestrian safety at two sites on Tamaki Drive, near the intersection with Averill Avenue, and near the intersection with Sage Road. These changes are in response to community concerns for safety in this stretch of Tamaki Drive. After reviewing all the feedback received, we are proceeding with the work as proposed. These works will help support our Vision Zero goal.  

What happens next

We anticipate the changes will be constructed by the end of June 2022. We will be in touch with local residents and business prior to any construction taking place.

Community feedback

Thank you for adding your voice to this consultation. Your local knowledge has helped us make this decision for your neighbourhood.  

The majority of people who provided feedback were in support of this proposal. Many of those who supported the proposal expressed that they felt these changes would help to slow the speed of vehicles on this stretch of road, and help to minimise the risk of injury to pedestrians if a vehicle fails to slow down or stop for the crossing. Residents noted that they feel unsafe when themselves and their families are crossing the road at the existing crossing points, due to limited visibility at the crossing points and high driving speeds along this stretch of Tamaki Drive. Additionally, many respondents noted that vehicles often fail to stop for pedestrians at the existing crossings.  

A summary of additional concerns and suggestions, and our responses to them, is below. Concerns which were general and not specific to one of the two project locations have been covered first, followed by comments specific to site one and then site two.

General Concerns, Suggestions & Questions

General Concerns, Suggestions & Questions  

  • Concern raised crossings are unnecessary. Belief that existing crossings are sufficient as they are, vehicles currently travel slow enough on Tamaki Drive near the crossings, and that pedestrian safety would not be improved as a result of raising the crossings. Suggestion to repaint existing crossing and install new signage to make these more visible instead of upgrading them as proposed.  
    The recent traffic survey undertaken on Tamaki Drive within the vicinity of the proposal, shows that the 85% percentile speed is in the range of 46km/h, which is considered high and not survivable in the event of a pedestrian crash. Community members have also shared concerns with Auckland Transport following observations of vehicles travelling at speed along this stretch and feeling unsafe when crossing the road at this location. This sentiment was also echoed in resident’s responses within the online survey. Research shows that a raised pedestrian crossing has the effectiveness of reducing the traffic and pedestrian crashes by 45% and given the evidence of high speeds and unsafe crossing points currently, we have determined the raising of these crossings to be necessary in order to ensure the safety of people crossing Tamaki Drive at these locations.  
  • Concern about costs involved with constructing crossings and whether these costs are justified. 
    The proposal improves the safety of the pedestrians crossing Tamaki Drive at this location and hence is a benefit to the community. Auckland Transport is taking a Vision Zero approach to road safety. This means we are striving to have zero deaths or serious injuries on our transport system by 2050. To achieve this, we are working to create a more forgiving road network that recognises that we are human and make mistakes. But those mistakes should not mean someone loses their life or is seriously injured on our roads. You can read more about Vision Zero here: https://at.govt.nz/projects-roadworks/vision-zero-for-the-greater-good/ 
  • Belief that raised zebra crossings will result in increased congestion. Belief that raised crossings cause frustration for drivers and are uncomfortable to drive over. Belief that raised crossings result in increased fuel usage and emissions.  
    While some drivers may see a raised crossing as an inconvenience, research shows that minor delays of this kind do not impact trip times. Tables are designed for all vehicles and should not restrict accessibility, nor should they cause discomfort if travelled over at the appropriate speed. The effect on fuel usage is expected to be minimal.  
  • Concern about raised zebra crossings being an “eye sore”.  
    The proposed crossing will look like the existing, the only difference is it will be raised to slow down the vehicle speeds in the area. We do not anticipate this to significantly impact the overall appearance of this stretch of road.  
  • Query as to whom and how many residents have voiced concerns about safety in this areaBelief that there is no statistical proof that changes are required at this location. Query as to what death/injury has occurred to justify these changes. 
    We have received numerous requests from concerned residents and the Orakei Local Board to upgrade the two existing facilities on Tamaki Drive. Recently, two young children crossing at one of these zebra crossings were hit by a speeding cyclist, which sparked the request to upgrade the two crossings. The research shows that a raised pedestrian crossing has the effectiveness of reducing the traffic and pedestrian crashes by 45%. This protects pedestrians from careless driving and/or cycling, slows travelling speeds and increases awareness of pedestrians. 
  • Suggestion not to widen footpath as this endangers cyclists by narrowing the lane. Concern that vehicles must cross the centre line to give enough space for cyclists. 
    This proposal does not affect the width of the vehicle lanes on either side of Tamaki Drive. As Tamaki Drive has high number of cyclists, 4.2 metre lane width is maintained between the centre island and side island. This will ensure that both motorists and cyclists will be able to negotiate the raised table simultaneously without danger.  
  • Request to remove centre line and install cycle lane. 
    This is outside the scope of this project and will be forwarded to walking and cycling team for consideration. 
  • Concern that widened footpaths increase delays to construction timeframes or additional costs and work outside of what is needed.  
    This proposal does not involve widening of the existing footpaths on either side of Tamaki Drive. 
  • Request to widen the vehicle lanes. Belief that walk/bike upgrades have made the lanes smaller, belief flow of traffic should be prioritised over cycling facilities. 
    This proposal will not involve changes to the width of vehicle lanes in Tamaki Drive, as this outside the scope of this project, which is focused on improving the safety of people crossing the road.
  • Concern about lack of project timeframe in consultation material.
    We do not generally provide construction timeframes within consultation material, as at this stage of the process we are gathering feedback which may alter the course of the project outcome. The construction timeframe is provided when we have analysed all of the feedback and utilised this to make a decision as to how the project will proceed, which is the stage the project is currently at now. As provided in the proposal outcome information above, we aim to construct this facility by the end of this financial year ending June 2022. 
  • Belief that traffic island in centre will encourage vehicles to go through the crossing when someone is in the centre, creating confusion. Query as to what the safety benefits of a centre island are. 
    The centre traffic island formally makes the crossing into two separate crossings. The island allows people to take a refuge without the need and stress of crossing the road in one attempt. This is particularly helpful for elderly, young pedestrians or people who cannot move quickly across both lanes.  
  • Request to install additional streetlighting at crossing points. 
    Street lighting will be upgraded as part of this proposal. 
  • Concern that bus stop and parking signs currently interfere with the shared footpath so this should be take into consideration when installing new signage. 
    All signage associated with the upgraded crossing and bus stops will be positioned away from the shared footpath. 
  • Concern that works may be slow to complete and may cause disruptions to traffic flow whilst being constructed.  
    Auckland Transport works to timelines from our contractors when delivering our works and these are scheduled to be installed this financial year, by June 2022. The works will be carried out to ensure minimal disruption to traffic. 
  • Request to reduce speed limit to 30kph, or install speed bumps, along this section of Tamaki Drive. 
    As you may already be aware, Auckland Transport is addressing high risk areas as a priority by decreasing speed limits on various roads around Auckland. As part of this programme, speed limits were reduced to 30km/h in St Heliers and Mission Bay town centres were implemented on 30 June 2021. This section of Tamaki Drive may be subject to a speed limit reduction as part of this program in the future tranches of work, depending upon the prioritisation ranking. 

Site One: 297 Tamaki Drive near Sage Road

Site One: 297 Tamaki Drive near Sage Road 

  • Objection to parking removal on waterfront. Concern about this limiting accessibility for elderly/disabled people to visit the park/beach. 
    The removal of parking at this location is associated with two aspects: ensuring adequate space for buses to enter, and exit bus the stops, and ensuring there is adequate visibility between the pedestrians and motorists.  
    • A standard bus stop requires 15 metres of broken yellow lines to allow the bus to enter the bus stop and 9 metres to exit the bus stop. This is required to allow buses to park parallel and as close as possible to the kerb. The parking in front of the bus stop is removed to allow buses to manoeuvre out of the bus stop safely and is required.  
    • The removal of parking is also required to achieve visibility between people wanting to cross the road and drivers. This helps drivers to slow down and prepare to stop.  

Auckland Transport appreciates that loss of parking can be inconvenient, so we have minimised the parking loss whilst ensuring adequate space for buses to pull out of the bus stop and that visibility between pedestrians and drivers is maintained.  

  • Concern parking removal will create congestion. Belief that parking removal could decrease safety as people will have to walk further to waterfront. 
    There is ample parking available in the area and therefore, we do not anticipate congestion with the proposal. The upgraded zebra crossings will provide a safe place for people to cross the road to access the waterfront reserve.  
  • Requests to extend the proposed broken yellow lines to the front of 293 Tamaki Drive. 
    Parking is vital in this area and every attempt has been made to retain as much parking as possible for the residents and visitors to the area. The existing parking adjacent to the vehicle entrance of 293 Tamaki Drive is marked by a box which is offset by a metre from the vehicle entrance and is legal. Therefore, if anyone parks closer than the one metre or partially blocks the vehicle entrance, we encourage you to report these infringements to our parking enforcement call centre, which is operated 24 hours, 7 days a week: 09 355 3553. Furthermore, as the approach speeds towards the crossing will be reduced due to this proposal, it will provide sufficient gaps in traffic for residents to enter and exit their premises safely.  


Site Two: 237 Tamaki Drive near Averill Avenue

Site Two: 237 Tamaki Drive near Averill Avenue  

  • Request to install speed camera on Averill Avenue between Tamaki Dr & Melanesia Rd. 
    Selection, installation and maintenance of speed camera sites lies with New Zealand Police. Auckland Transport will not be able to proceed with your request however you can request speed monitoring directly with the police here: https://www.police.govt.nz/faq/how-do-i-get-something-done-about-drivers-speeding-in-an-area-near-me .   
  • Objection to parking restrictions, belief these will stop people from visiting local businesses. Requests for different time measures, ranging from a request for P30 restrictions, to requests for P240 restrictions.  
    By implementing time limited parking restrictions at this location, it will help to improve parking turnover and short-term parking availability for the nearby businesses. The proposed P120 parking restrictions are consistent with the existing parking restrictions on the western side of Averill Avenue. 
  • Query why parking is being removed near bus stop. 
    A standard bus stop requires 15 metre of no parking restrictions for buses to enter the bus stop and 9 metres to exit the bus stop. This is required to allow buses park as close as possible to the kerb. The parking in front of the bus stop is being removed to allow buses to manoeuvre out of the bus stop safely and is therefore required. 
  • Request to relocate crossing slightly further along Tamaki Drive. 
    The existing crossing location is in the location that people of pedestrians as it provides access to the beach and to the café. Relocating the crossing further away from this location will result in pedestrians continuing to cross at this location without any safe crossing facility.  
  • Concern crossing location is unsafe as vehicles turning left from Averill Avenue on to Tamaki Drive would not be able to see pedestrians on the crossing. 
    The proposed crossing location is more or less at the same location and is within the view of the motorists turning from Averill Avenue. The proposed crossing will slow down the speed of approaching vehicles making it safer than the current situation.   
  • Concern that tactile pavers will not be able to be installed as café tables/chairs are positioned here. 
    Tactile pavers are vital for visually impaired pedestrians and will be installed as part of this proposal, as there is enough space available within Auckland Transport land. 
  • Concern café is a distraction and when busy it’s hard to tell if people are waiting to cross or waiting for a table. Concern that café's furniture / plastic screens / planting / signage are limiting visibility of the crossing and encroaching on footpath, taking most of the space up. 
    The proposed footpath widening on the south side of Tamaki Drive will provide additional area in front of the café. This will distinguish between people waiting to cross or waiting for a table and will indicate to drivers to slow down prior to the crossing.  The management of café are required to maintain accessibility for pedestrians on the footpath and have restrictions on providing seating within their property boundary. Auckland Transport will check with Auckland Council to ensure that encroachment on to the footpath is not happening at this location.  
  • Concern that the bushes on the beach side of the crossing obscure visibility of pedestrians waiting to cross there. Request for trees to be regularly trimmed to improve visibility of pedestrians at crossing. 
    A lighting upgrade and footpath widening is part of the proposal that will ensure that visibility of the pedestrians to motorists is not compromised. This issue will be referred to Auckland Council to ensure trees are trimmed on a regular basis.  

​We're proposing improvements in your area

In response to community concerns, we are proposing improvements at two sites on Tamaki Drive. Due to the high volume of traffic on Tamaki Drive and large numbers of people crossing the road, these locations require improvements to enhance the safety of pedestrians and other road users.   

Site 1: Tamaki Drive near Sage Road  

We are proposing to: 

  • Upgrade the existing zebra crossing to a raised zebra crossing that is level with the footpath.  
  • Paint broken yellow lines (no stopping at all times) restrictions on both kerbs west of the proposed crossing. This would result in the loss of 6 parking spaces: 3 on the north kerb and 3 on the south kerb.  
  • Construct traffic islands at the centre of the proposed crossing to allow a safe space for people to wait in the centre of the road while crossing.  
  • Widen the footpaths to make the raised crossing flush with the footpath. This would include fitting tactile pavers, which are yellow guidance paving markers to help visually impaired people to the crossing and safely cross the road. 
  • Repaint the bus stop markings at Stop 7338 & 7339, which would include painting broken yellow lines on the eastern side of both buses stops to allow buses to safely pull in and out of the stops. This would result in the loss of 2 parking spaces: 1 on the northern kerb and 1 on the southern kerb.  
  • Install new signs and road markings to support the new crossing, including reflective orange discs. 

Site 2: Tamaki Drive near Averill Avenue  

We are proposing to:

  • Upgrade the existing zebra crossing with a raised zebra crossing that is level with the footpath.  
  • Construct traffic islands at the centre of the proposed crossing to allow a safe space for people to wait in the centre of the road while crossing.  
  • Widen the footpaths and kerbs on either side of the crossing to make the raised crossing flush with the footpath. This would include installing tactile pavers. 
  • Create a P120 (2-hour maximum) parking area along the eastern kerb of Averill Avenue near the intersection. This would affect 8 currently unrestricted parking spaces.  
  • Repaint the bus stop markings at Stop 7337 and Stop 7339.  
  • Install new signs and road markings to support the new crossing, including reflective orange discs. 

Download proposal drawing for Site 1 (PDF 1.14MB)

Download proposal drawing for Site 2 (PDF 1.49MB)

Raising these zebra crossings would provide a safer place for people to cross the road by slowing the speed of vehicles approaching the crossing as well as improving the visibility of people using the crossing. The proposed P120 parking restrictions would help to improve parking turnover and availability. 

Give your feedback for Tamaki Drive, Kohimarama - Pedestrian Safety Improvements

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 What happens next 

  • We’ll consider all the feedback we receive, and then decide the best way to move forward.  
  • We’ll post the outcome of this proposal and a summary of community feedback on this webpage. 
  • We can email you the proposal outcome as soon as it’s ready – just select that option when you fill in the survey. 

 More information 

  • This proposal is supported by the Auckland regional fuel tax. 

 Kohimarama: Safe with us 

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, people walking and cycling, especially for our kids and senior citizens and people driving. Projects like this one around Tamaki Drive are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are guided by the Vision Zero approach to transport safety, which prioritises human safety over other measures (like minor time saving).