Coronation and Archers Road, Glenfield - Intersection upgrade Coronation and Archers Road, Glenfield - Intersection upgrade

Consultation status: closed 6 February 2018, last updated 2 March 2020.

Proposal reference: MIP1718-036

Project update February 2020

We have received community concerns around the removal of the flush median between 8 to 12 Coronation Road, regarding the safety of turning movements. As a result of these concerns, we will be:

  • Removing the existing island outside of number #12.
  • Extending the table to the full width of the carriageway.
  • Retaining the flush median.

These changes will enable better access to nearby properties for right turning vehicles.

Download the updated designs for Coronation and Archers Road (PDF 1.3MB)

Project update 6 November 2019

We have made design changes after a road safety review of our plans. This review highlighted visibility issues for drivers where Archers Road narrows before the roundabout. Our new design includes:

  • extending broken yellow lines parking restrictions on Archers Road to make sure that parked cars do not block the view of drivers approaching the roundabout. This involves the removal of 13 additional car parking spaces
  • installing full speed tables instead of smaller speed cushions. The ‘speed tables’ are large flat speed humps that will be more effective in slowing traffic before the roundabout.

View the updated consultation drawing for Coronation and Archers Road (PDF 1.42MB)

This proposal is part of the Community Safety Fund.

We’ve proposed changes in your area

In February 2018 we asked for community feedback on our proposal to upgrade the intersection of Coronation and Archers Roads in Glenfield. Changes include a new roundabout and pedestrian crossing to improve the safety of the intersection by reducing high traffic speeds and making give way movements clearer.

View the original consultation drawing for Coronation and Archers Road (PDF 162KB)

Why the changes are needed

This intersection has a high crash rate and the proposed roundabout aims to better control traffic movements. The new crossing is also intended to make pedestrian journeys safer at this location.

Proposal outcome

As noted in the project update, we have made minor changes to the design based on a road safety review.

The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Feedback received

  • Request to have speed humps installed to slow traffic down. We cannot install speed humps on a bus route. We have proposed speed cushions to slow down traffic.
  • Cars are travelling too fast around the intersection making it dangerous for cyclists. The speed cushions are proposed at all the approaches to slow down traffic. The islands on the sides of the road will further reduce the speed.
  • Request to put more of a bend into the lanes as they approach the roundabout. Islands are proposed before the approaches to slow down and make the intersection even more safer.
  • Request to have judder bars and broken yellow lines installed. The necessary road markings and broken yellow lines are proposed. Judder bars are not feasible on a high volume route.
  • Is it proposed that a vehicle wishing to turn from Archers into Coronation Road eastbound will have to make a right turn round the roundabout into Coronation Road? Vehicles are allowed to turn left to Coronation Road from Archers Road. The road markings are to make sure the approaches are considered a single lane.
  • What are the concrete structures on the side of the road before the roundabout for? The concrete structures will have directions on them. The structures will make the vehicles slow down and keep them within the lane.
  • Request to push the Archers Road intersection further in to Coronation road so that the visibility is better or improve the visibility when looking left. A visibility check has been completed and the roundabout is designed with adequate visibility.
  • Request to have a zebra crossing installed. Request to connect with the route at Lake Road. I would like to see what could be done to make it safer for cyclists riding down Coronation Road. Pedestrian numbers cannot be justified for zebra crossing. The refuge is proposed for safe pedestrian movements.
  • Request to have speed bumps, cameras, new road marking and traffic lights installed. Speed cushions are being proposed to slow down traffic. New road markings will be installed according to the design. Traffic lights cannot be justified at this stage.
  • Request to consider better facilities for cyclists westbound on Coronation. Concerns that there is not enough consideration to the pedestrian and cyclist safety. A refuge island is proposed for safe pedestrian movements. The roundabout is designed to slow down traffic and is considered safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

Next steps

These works are now planned between March and June 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays. Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.

Community Safety Fund

This proposal is part of the Community Safety Fund. Auckland Transport is partnered with the Kaipātiki Local Board to deliver this project, as part of more than 80 safety improvement projects across the Auckland region. The Community Safety Fund is a $20 million programme focused on addressing local road safety concerns raised by the community to local boards and ward councillors.