Main Road (SH16), Huapai – Signalised pedestrian crossing Main Road (SH16), Huapai – Signalised pedestrian crossing

Proposal status: closed 27 June 2019, last updated 26 August 2019.

Reference number: MIP1819-045

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In June 2019, we proposed a new signalised pedestrian crossing near the intersection of State Highway 16 (Main Road) and Matua Road. This proposal is needed to allow pedestrians to cross Main Road in the vicinity of the Huapai Shops.

Download the proposal drawing for Main Road (SH16) (PDF 1.8MB)

Why the changes are needed

There are no existing crossings in this area, making the road hazardous for pedestrians, especially for elderly and vulnerable road users. Demand to cross at this location has increased greatly recently, due to the new medical centre and shops that have opened on the southern side of the road.

The works will include widening portions of the footpath to shorten the crossing distance, and the installation of new pram crossings to align the crossing.

Proposal outcome

As a result of the public feedback, we have made specific changes to our proposed design in order to best suit the needs of the local community. These changes include improved cycling facilities on either side of the road and relocation of the bus stop on the northern kerb to accommodate two parking spaces outside 326 Main Road. We hope these changes will help mitigate the impact of parking loss on local businesses and improve safety for people cycling in Huapai.

Download the updated proposal drawing for Main Road (SH16) (PDF 328KB)

Thank you to everyone who responded to our proposal and gave us the chance to better understand your community and concerns. A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below.

Feedback received

Respondents supported the proposal on the grounds that vulnerable road users, such as children and the elderly, often face difficulty crossing the road to amenities such as the School Bus service or the Medical Centre.

Thank you for these comments, we’re pleased to hear you think this proposal will greatly improve access to key amenities.

Crossing location

  • Respondents suggested that congestion around the Huapai Tavern carpark, or vehicles turning into the shops, would make a crossing at the proposed location a hazard.
  • Multiple respondents suggested the crossing be relocated to;
    • intersection with Oraha Road
    • north side of Matua Road
    • where the bus stop currently is
    • towards the car wash at 336 Main Road
    • south towards Ray White
    • outside of Dominos.
  • Respondents stated that they did not want the bus stops to move as the shops currently act as shelter from the rain.
  • Respondents stated that they did not believe demand was high enough at this location to warrant a crossing.
  • Many respondents supported the location, as it is centrally located in the shopping area, and allows cars exiting from Matua Road an opportunity to turn. Thank you for providing feedback on our proposal. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant any of these requests for an alternative location, as our observations have shown that this is the ideal location for a crossing. The proposed location is where most people are likely to want to cross, which is not currently possible as there are no safe crossing facilities there.

Extending the footpath

  • Respondents requested that AT do not extend the kerb on the East end of Matua Road so as to not impede traffic turning left onto state Highway 16.  
  • Respondents opposed the kerb extension as it would narrow the road.
  • Respondents expressed concerns that this proposal could have an impact or risk for some of the larger trucks and similar vehicles that frequent this road. The proposed footpath or kerb extension will not change the existing width of the road lanes and will therefore not adversely affect traffic flow in this way.
  • Respondents expressed concerns that a raised garden would cause people to stop and smoke outside shops. We do not believe that having plantings here will increase the demand of existing smokers outside the shops.

Parking scarcity

  • Multiple respondents expressed concern that the proposal would remove vital parking and unloading spaces outside of the shops, disadvantaging the businesses.
  • Concerns were expressed that people with mobility issues access amenities by car and require the parking spaces.
  • Respondents requested that additional parking is introduced where the bus stop currently is, or outside 328 Main Road. As a result of your feedback, we have decided to reposition the bus stop on the northern kerb to accommodate two parking spaces outside 326 Main Road to assist existing businesses.
    However, we will be maintaining the proposed position of the crossing as our investigations have shown that this is the ideal location, and therefore the remaining proposed parking removal is required to make this location safe.
    Broken Yellow Lines are necessary either of side of a pedestrian crossing to make the crossing safe by ensuring good levels of visibility for people who want to cross, as well as drivers approaching the crossing.

Speed limit

  • Respondents expressed concern about the 60km/h speed limit in Huapai, and to request that it is reduced to 50km/h. The speed limit in this location is currently under consideration by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) as they have jurisdiction over speed limits on SH16.

Traffic signals

  • Respondents asked for clarification on whether the lights will have a button and be ‘on demand’. Yes, this will be a ‘push button’ pedestrian crossing.

Cycling infrastructure

  • Respondents requested that the green painted cycle lane is extended:
    • eastwards across Matua Road to the first driveway across the side road
    • to the westbound cycle lane from just west of the right turn bay into Matua Road.
    We have decided to incorporate your suggestions on the extension of the painted cycle lane markings into the final design and as result the proposed cycle lane across Matua Rd will be extended and another cycle lane marking will be added on the westbound approach to the signals. Please see the updated drawing for further details.
  • Respondents requested that the lane narrowing is reduced to protect the cycle lanes. We are not engaging in any road narrowing, we are building out the kerb at the crossing point to decrease crossing distance, but the two lanes remain the same width.
  • Respondents requested that the cycle lanes are protected by concrete or plastic buffers. Unfortunately, we are unable to incorporate this suggested change, as we do not have enough width to accommodate at this site. However, we have kept these cycling facilities to the same layout as those at the Access Road and New World Intersection with SH16.

Alternative measures

  • Respondents requested that either a pedestrian overbridge or a tunnel is considered. We are unable to incorporate either of these suggestions, as the cost of these options is significantly in excess of the budget that Auckland Transport has for this project.

Next steps

These works are planned before the end of June 2020, but we will let you know if there are further changes or delays.

Our contractors will send notices to affected residents 48-hours prior to construction starting.