Walters Road, Takanini – Footpath upgrade Walters Road, Takanini – Footpath upgrade

Proposal status: Feedback closed

Reference number: 20100461

Proposal outcome

In March 2023, we proposed changes to upgrade the footpath at Walters Road in Takanini. After reviewing all the feedback we received, we are proceeding with the following minor changes: 

  • We have removed the right turn bay into Castlepoint Avenue from our plan. 
  • The parking loss has been reduced from 15 spaces to 5 spaces. 

These works will help support Tāmaki Makaurau’s Vision Zero goal.    

Download the updated proposal drawing (1.84MB).

What happens next

We anticipate the changes will be constructed by July 2024. We will be in touch with local residents and businesses prior to any construction taking place. 

Community feedback

Thank you for helping us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by your local knowledge.  A summary of your feedback and our responses to community questions is below. 


“It would make the area much safer for parents, school kids and the overall resident group. Please do it asap”

“This proposal to create a full pedestrian and cycling link between Opoka Street and the Takanini shopping precinct is long overdue as we can’t go shopping by walking as there’s no way you can walk along busy Walter’s Road at the side of the road.”

Removal of parking spaces

Concerned with the removal of 15 parking spaces. Most homes comprise of 5 bedrooms and multiple people in one house.

Our response: We understand the removal of parking can be inconvenient, so we have minimised it while still improving safety for all road users. We have listened to your feedback on parking removal on Walters Road and have carefully considered different design options. The proposed right turn bay into Castlepoint Avenue has been removed as part of this project and the parking loss has now reduced from 15 to 5 spaces. 


Suggestion to remove the narrow berm strip between the footpath and the kerb as this often doesn’t get maintained and it’s not attractive visually and the weeds overgrow to the footpath. This is critical especially as its in front of Kauri Flat School.

Our response: The berm strip provides a location for signage poles and maintenance access to underground services. We have raised a case regarding the overgrown vegetation on the footpath. Please refer to case number CRM:000043045141. 

Bus Stop

Suggestion to include a bus stop on the proposed area.

Our response: We have raised a case to regarding this. Please refer to case number CAS-714119-C6F3H3. 

We’re proposing improvements in your area

Auckland Transport supports walking as a health and leisure activity, and an ingredient in sustaining local communities. This is all part of making Auckland one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Listening to what you have to say is important to us. Your local knowledge can help us make better decisions, so together we can achieve the best outcomes for your neighbourhood.

We are proposing to: 

  • Construct 140m of new footpath along Kauri Flats School and #180F Walters Road
  • Paint 255m of cycle lane extension from Kaha Road to Opoka Street
  • Paint 107m of broken yellow lines on the northern side of Walters Road. This will remove 15 on-street parking spaces
  • Paint 105m of broken yellow lines on the southern side

Download proposal Walters Road footpath upgrade drawings (PDF 943KB).

The Walters Road footpath upgrade project is part of Auckland Transports new footpath programme. This programme priortises high ranking projects from a candidate list for delivery as part of Auckland Transport’s wider commitment to active modes. This project:

  • Addresses safety concerns raised by the community due to lack of walking facilities in the area
  • Fills a gap in the footpath network on Walters Road improving pedestrian accessibility and safety in the area