Easier travels around Tāmaki Makaurau with new bus stop names

Bus stop 117 Hill Road is now called Botanic Gardens – ensuring simpler, landmark-based bus stops for easier journeys around Auckland. 

All Auckland Transport (AT) bus stop names have been updated across various digital platforms including AT Mobile and Journey Planner.

The new stop names will better reflect landmarks including schools, parks, churches, tourist locations and hospitals, as well as public transport interchanges and major intersections.

The new stop names will replace a lot of the current street number and street name addresses used digitally, which are inconsistent with the current signage at bus shelters.

The bus stop changes are the first step in a number of wider improvements to improve public transport connections around Auckland.

Later this year audio announcements will be introduced across buses with announcements in te reo Māori and English, as well as other helpful information for customers such as transfer messages and special events updates.

Carolyn Peat, Blind Citizens Public Transport Association Group representative, says on-board audio announcements will make a considerable difference for vision-impaired customers.

“The actual impact will be huge, just as the train announcements made it a lot easier as well, just to know where you are on your journey.”  

Auckland Tranport’s Executive General Manager Customer Experience, Vanessa Ellis, says the updated bus stop names are a step in the right direction.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the public transport network in Tāmaki Makaurau, and after listening to our customers and following international examples, we’ve now got a more seamless experience for our digital users.

“Later in the year we’ll also roll out on-board audio announcements, which will make it even easier to get to your destination.”

These bus stop changes reflect international public transport best practice, with cities such as London, Paris, Madrid and Melbourne all adopting name-based stops. 

To find out more about the improved bus stops, please visit: https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/service-announcements/bus-stop-names-are-changing/