Plan ahead when travelling through AMETI Eastern Busway

East Aucklanders should plan ahead when travelling through the AMETI Eastern Busway, Panmure to Pakuranga Project, due to lane closures on the Panmure Bridge. 

Work has been scheduled over the July school holidays to take advantage of less traffic; however, these closures will create delays and cause congestion.

From 12 – 25 July, Church Crescent will be reduced to a single lane in each direction. Dynamic lanes will not be operating on Panmure Bridge. Traffic travelling both eastbound and westbound is going to be impacted.

Following 25 July, lanes will return as they were before the school holidays.

Auckland Transport’s Phil Archer, Project Director, says this work is stage two of a three-stage sequence for the two bridge’s approach roads.

“These are critical to the Eastern Busway Project. The first stage was completed during the April school holidays. The project is making great progress and is scheduled for completion later this year.

“To get this highly-beneficial project completed on time and minimise long-term disruption to our community, it’s important we utilise our time and resources wisely. These lane closures are occurring now to take advantage of low traffic volumes during that period. There will be one more stage to come, so keep an eye on media updates, signboards on-site, social media posts and the Auckland Transport website.

“We thank customers for their patience as we complete this game-changing project.”

Over the next few months, AT will finish the bridge and approach roads and install traffic barriers, footpath, and cycle lanes.

Stage 2 (the cutover of the high-pressure Hunua 2 bulk transmission water main) is the primary set of works during this time. Stage 3 (the cutover of Howick interceptor sewer bulk transmission main) takes place in September. These cutovers enable the removal of the existing pipes from the old bridge to the new busway bridge.

During the works, traffic lanes will shift and reduce on Lagoon Drive, Church Crescent and Panmure Bridge at various stages.

View more information on the Eastern Busway.