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Auckland Transport

Safer separated cycling for Aucklanders is on its way

60km of cycling facilities across Auckland will soon be made safer - as the Auckland Transport (AT) Board has approved a proposal to separate existing on-road cycle lanes.

This work, part of AT’s Minor Cycling Programme, will now be delivered over three years and not the original five years stated in the Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-2031 (RLTP). The five-year budget was $30 million.

The programme will improve safety for people on bikes and aims to grow active mode use in Auckland -  as part of AT’s commitment to low-carbon transport options.

Protected cycle lanes are dedicated paths for people using bikes. They are physically separated from people driving and people walking, using various forms of separation including planter boxes, concrete kerbs, flex-posts, or berm space.

Adrienne Young-Cooper, Chair of Auckland Transport’s Board of Directors and occasional cyclist, says increasing the safety of existing painted cycleways with physical protection provides a value for money investment in the safety of people on bikes.

“Our research has highlighted the continued need for cyclist separation to reduce the barrier of safety and confidence for cycling growth,” she says.

The protection of the existing cycling facilities has been developed in discussion with Bike Auckland. The barriers used will vary, to ensure the safest option is implemented cost-effectively for each location. They will be installed during the night, with most locations anticipated to take one to three nights to complete

Barb Cuthbert, Chair of Bike Auckland, says the physical protection added to existing painted cycle lanes will make the lanes more visible to drivers and deter passing traffic from encroaching into them.

“It’s not the ultimate answer, but we welcome it as a worthwhile upgrade to encourage more people to use the existing cycling network, with improved safety.”  

Cycle movements for the 12 months to August 2021 totalled 3.4 million.