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Contractor Pre-qualification register – ConstructionContractor register

Applications for Auckland Transport’s register for Construction Contractors Pre-qualification have been closed as of 1 November 2017, and the Pre-qualification Register will be replaced with the Physical Works Supplier Panels.

Information about AT’s Physical Works Supplier Panels

These Panels will replace the Auckland Transport Pre-qualification Register for Construction Contractors.

Panel Contract value range Panel size Term (years)
Panel one $4M and above to maximum value of $50M 4 to 6 3+3+3
Panel two $300K and above to under $4M Up to 15 2+2+2
Panel three Less than $300K Up to 25 2+2+2

The scope of services will include:

  • Roads (includes bridges and traffic signals and streetscape upgrades/construction).
  • Transport interchanges (includes car parks and busway stations/rail stations buildings).
  • Up to 20% of the annual road corridor rehabilitation works.

Should you have any further queries these should be directed to

Health and Safety requirements in construction category contracts

Health and Safety Pre-qualification

ISN is now the provider of the Health and Safety Pre-qualification system for Auckland Transport (AT). If you are not already a subscriber with ISN and wish to undertake construction contracts for AT, you are advised to do so via the ISN website.

Contractors must have subscribed to ISN and must hold ‘Approved’ status prior to contract award, unless otherwise waived by AT in its sole discretion. Please note there is a fee for this subscription. If you are awarded a construction contract by AT you must maintain the subscription with ISN for the duration of the contract. Subscription fees shall be paid by the Contractor.


The ConstructSafe competency assessment scheme provides the New Zealand construction industry with a framework for individuals to prove health and safety competence.

It allows construction sites to reduce the potential for untrained or inexperienced workers from creating hazardous situations for themselves or others. It helps raise the health and safety standards and creates a safer and more competent New Zealand workforce.

ConstructSafe provides a consistent and transparent way to independently check the competency of any person on site, regardless of their employer. It provides all of us with reassurance that those that are working on our sites are competent and safe to do so. ConstructSafe is not a training course; it helps us to ensure that training programmes meet the needs of our industry.

From 1 July 2017, the scheme will be an AT requirement for new and existing projects and contracts. All AT construction contractors will be required to be registered and operating the ConstructSafe Tier 1 competency assessment framework for any construction category contracts.

ConstructSafe is an initiative run through the Construction Safety Council. For more information, please see their website.

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