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Pre-qualification register for construction category contractsContractor register

Auckland Transport has created a pre-qualification register for construction category contractors.

Contractors who qualify to appear on this register will be eligible to be selected to quote or tender for work within their registered work categories at their prequalified level or below (the pre-qualification level awarded will be dependent on the contractor’s ability to manage different levels of contract risk and complexity). Being on the register, however, is no guarantee that a contractor will be selected for work.

ISN is now the provider of the health and safety prequalification system for AT. If you are not already a subscriber with ISN you can do so via For further information regarding AT's policies, see our health and safety policies and procedures.

For low risk, routine contracts, the lowest price conforming method will generally be used to select the contractor - no further non-price attributes would be sought. For more complex, higher risk contracts, contractors may be asked to provide some project-specific non-price attribute information and the preferred supplier would then generally be determined by the price quality method.

Full details of pre-qualification requirements are contained within the pre-qualification application pack. Any contractor who meets the pre-qualification requirements may apply by submitting a completed application pack located below:

Note: Initial application can be done at any time however, re-registration will be required bi-annually in April of every even year. The register will be updated on a monthly basis. 

View the pre-qualification register (PDF 593KB)

Last updated: 19 January 2017

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