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Procurement framework Procurement framework

The Procurement Framework sets the boundaries for business units' procurement activities. The key areas of the framework are Governance/Controls, Process/Tools and Performance Management.


Procurement model

Auckland Transport operates a centre-led action network (CLAN) procurement model. This model creates a balance between leveraging organisational scale (centralised procurement) while retaining flexibility in providing customised support for individual business units (decentralised procurement).

Category management

AT has adopted a category-based approach to procurement. It acknowledges organisation structure, the uniqueness of individual category requirements and supplier markets. This approach also helps AT focus into an 'all of business' cross-functional approach to procurement instead of a silo approach.

Procurement policy

AT's procurement policy sets out the principles that will be applied across all AT procurement activities.

AT is aware that all these procurement activities must be undertaken in a clearly defined, ethical and transparent manner. They must follow good practice for spending public money whilst being consistent with statutory obligations.

View AT's procurement policy (PDF 264KB)

Procurement strategy

AT's procurement strategy sets out how the principles of our procurement policy will be delivered within its operational procurement activity.

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