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Auckland Transport

How to use the journey planner How to use the journey planner

The Journey Planner is designed to provide you with accurate, up to date information to plan your travel around Auckland. The following is a quick and handy guide on how it works.

Planning your journey

For the best result enter the full physical address, including street number, flat or unit number, of your location and destination in the “From” and “To” Fields. For example, “45 Queen Street, Auckland Central” or “Britomart Transport Centre”. Be sure to choose the best-fit location from the drop down menu.

Search via:

  • Address
  • Landmark
  • Stop number

If your entered address does not appear on the Journey Planner, enter the next closest address number instead. For example, 47 Queen Street instead of 45 Queen Street.

You can also select your start and end points by clicking on the map. Drag a marker to where you would like to travel to and from. You can refine the start or end points as needed, and the journey planner will auto update.

Select your preferred departure or arrival time using the drop down options (click “Leaving now” to open all available time options) and enter the time and date you want to travel. You can choose travel up to 6 weeks in advance.

Click on the “Travel Plan” to see full details including walking time and distance, to/from your nearest stop, estimated travel time and services. Fare information is found by clicking on “Fares”. Choose the best journey option which suits your travel needs.

*Note that the departure time listed here is not the departure time of your bus, train or ferry service, but the estimated time you would need to begin your journey to catch your service.

Advanced Options

While we do our best to provide you with options that will get you to your destination in the quickest and most direct way possible, the Journey Planner is designed to allow you to tailor your travel plans as you see fit.

Clicking on “Options” will allow you to select or deselect your preferred Transport Modes (Bus, Ferry, Train or School Bus), adjust your maximum walking time settings (minimum 5 minutes and maximum 60 minutes) and number of transfers you are comfortable with.  You can also filter to your preferred route, e.g. NEX, 030

Use the ‘Reset ‘button on top left to reset from and to fields to blank, and the options to their default state.

*Note that the Journey Planner includes travel information for school buses when School bus is selected in Transport mode “Options”. Results for school buses in the Journey Planner will display "School Bus” with the route number.