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Taking animals on public transport Taking animals on public transport

Find out about taking dogs, pets and other animals on the bus, train or ferry.

On the train

Disability assist dogs and disability assist dogs in training are allowed to be carried on trains. 

Disability Assist Dog On Train

From Sunday 16 June until further notice: passengers will be allowed to bring their pets on board trains as part of a trial.

Domestic pets must be enclosed in a suitable pet carrier. The carrier must be small enough to be held on the passenger's lap or stored securely under the seat. 

Suitable Pet CarriersSuitable Pet CarriersHusky in Muzzle
  • Passengers travelling with pets will only be allowed on trains during off-peak hours (9am to 3pm, and after 6:30pm weekdays, all day weekends and public holidays.) 
  • Passengers with pets are responsible for their pet and must keep them caged and under control on trains and platforms.
  • Passengers with pets may be asked to wait for the next service if the train is too crowded. 
  • Passengers with pets may be refused entry or asked to leave if the pet is likely to, or is causing a safety risk or nuisance to other passengers.
  • Domestic pets travel free of charge.
  • Domestic pets cannot travel on rail replacement buses.

If you are travelling with a pet dog and see a disability assist dog or disability assist dog in training board the train, please ensure your dog does not distract the team. It may be helpful to inform the handler you have a pet on board, to move to the rear of the train carriage, or to change carriages. 

On the bus

Disability assist dogs and disability assist dogs in training are allowed to be carried on buses under the supervision of their care-giver. Other pets are not allowed.

Waiheke Island Buses are the exception to this "no pets" policy, dogs are allowed on board. 

On the ferry

Dogs and small animals in cages can be carried on most ferry services. Charges may apply. Please check with your ferry operator before you travel.

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