Mt Eden station redevelopment Mt Eden station redevelopment

As part of the City Rail Link (CRL) project, Mt Eden train station will be redeveloped into a modern new station building.

Project status: Construction 
Project zone: Central

Project overview

On behalf of the City Rail Link (CRL) project, Link Alliance will redevelop a new station, that provides access to both the Western Line and the new City Rail Link line. This will run between Mt Eden and Waitematā Station (Britomart) via two new underground stations at Karangahape Road and Albert Street.

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While most existing bus services will be able to replace journeys being made to Mt Eden, a new bus route (64) will be introduced to cover the missing connections between Mt Eden and Newmarket. Several railway crossings will also be closed. Further details can be found below.

Artists impression of the completed Mt Eden train station.
Artists impression of the completed Mt Eden train station.


  • 29 May 2020 – Porters Avenue level crossing closes
  • 5 July 2020 – 64 bus route launches
  • 11 July 2020 - Mt Eden station closes
  • 2024 – Mt Eden Station reopens.

Project details

Mt Eden station closure

Because of this redevelopment, Link Alliance have advised that Mt Eden station needs to close from 11 July 2020 for about 4 years. There are considerable safety and accessibility risks with keeping the station open during construction. It would also significantly extend the timeframe for completion of the project.

During this time, trains will not stop at Mt Eden to let passengers on and off. However, Western Line trains will travel through Mt Eden and stop at other stations as normal.

Single line running

Two train lines run through Mt Eden currently. This will reduce to one line - called “Single Line Running” - during construction to create enough space for construction and to keep train services running.

To make sure train services continue to run frequently, trains will not stop at Mt Eden. If trains were to stop at Mt Eden it would create a “stop/go” effect on the Western Line and would mean that the frequency of trains would need to reduce, impacting thousands of users every day.

New 64 bus service

  • While Mt Eden station is closed, Auckland Transport is launching a free all-day bus service operating between Kingsland, Mt Eden and Newmarket
  • The service is free and customers will not need to tag on/off with their AT HOP card.

Download a map of the new 64 bus route (PDF 604KB).

Bus operating hours:

Weekdays Weekends
  First bus Last bus First bus Last bus
Newmarket to Kingsland 6:05am 10:20pm 6:25am 10:20pm
Kingsland to Newmarket 6:25am 10:20pm 6:25am 10:20pm

The 64, is a frequent bus route, meaning buses will run at least every 15 minutes between 7am and 7pm, 7 days a week.

Buses outside of these times will run between every 20 – 30 minutes. Trips after 8pm, will allow for transfers at Kingsland to outbound Western Line services (to Swanson).

Journey options during the closure

There will be changes to people's journeys during the Mt Eden station closure, and some journeys will need extra travel time. Below are some examples of alternatives available. 

Waitematā Station (Britomart) to Mt Eden station (using the Western Line)

  • Take the 27H/T/W bus service Swanson to Mt Eden station Travel on the Western Line to Kingsland.
  • Transfer to any of the 22/24/64 bus services.

New Lynn to Mt Eden Village

  • Travel on the Western Line to Grafton station.
  • Transfer on to the 64 to Mt Eden Village Western line to the city universities.
  • Travel along Western Line to Kingsland.
  • Transfer to 22/24 services.

If you have not transferred at Kingsland or Grafton train stations before, please see the layout map of Kingsland train station (PDF 1.2MB) or layout map of Grafton train station (PDF 1MB)  for the locations of the bus stops outside these stations.

Getting to Mt Eden Station from Kingsland

  • The 64 will travel regularly between Kingsland, Valley Road and Mt Eden Road, outside Mt Eden Station
  • The 22 and 24 bus services travel frequently between New North Road and Sandringham Road near Kingsland Station to New North Road, near Mt Eden Road.

Getting to Mt Eden Station from the city centre, Grafton, Newmarket

  • The 25 and 27 bus services travel frequently between the city centre, Symonds Street, and Mt Eden Road, outside Mt Eden Station
  • The 64 will travel regularly between Newmarket, Grafton and Mt Eden Road.

The Journey Planner will be updated to reflect new travel times.

Pedestrian access

As the existing station platform will be in a construction zone, the pedestrian access ramp from Mt Eden Road and crossing point between Ngahura and Fenton Streets will also need to close.
As part of the CRL works, the ramp will be demolished, and the platform rebuilt and extended towards Mt Eden Road to provide for longer nine-car trains. The Ngahura to Fenton crossing will be replaced with a safer pedestrian and cycle overbridge.

Porters Avenue level crossing

As part of the station redevelopment, Porters Avenue level crossing will permanently close to vehicles on 29 May 2020. People on foot will always be able to use the level crossing.

The level crossing needs to close to protect people’s safety during construction for the CRL and once complete when there will be more trains using the Western Line.

If you walk, cycle, push a pram or use a mobility aid across the Porters Ave level crossing, you will still be able to safely do this after it closes to vehicles.

During construction of the station, one side of the crossing will always be open for people walking or on wheels.

When the level crossing is closed, automatic pedestrian gates will be installed to increase people’s safety when a train passes Porters Avenue. Please remember to stay safe around train tracks by taking care on the uneven surface that rail lines create, and by being aware of your surroundings when crossing.

As a permanent solution, an overbridge will be built for those walking and with bikes, expected to open in the second half of 2021.

If you drive along Porters Avenue and Wynyard Road, you will need to plan a new route for your journey and allow extra time to reach your destination. Detour signs will be in place to show alternative routes for those driving.

Other options were considered, and Auckland Transport asked for your feedback on these in 2017. Closing the level crossing to vehicles permanently was chosen as it is the safest, most cost efficient and least disruptive option.

Read more about the outcomes of the feedback process

Second entrance project


As a separate project to the Mt Eden station redevelopment, Auckland Transport is investigating the possibility of a second entrance to the station.


During the development of the reference design by Auckland Transport and later City Rail Link Ltd (CRLL), various options were considered regarding the provision of a second entrance accessed from the Fenton Street Bridge. This proposal encountered several challenges, most significant of which was the lack of space between the station boundary and the Western line rail tracks rail tracks to accommodate the required infrastructure to provide a fully compliant, accessible entrance.

Given the relatively small catchment that this entrance would serve and Unitary Plan zoning that prevented further intensification the proposal was not advanced, and the reference design of Mt Eden Station was developed based on a single entrance. The bulk of passengers are expected to originate from the eastern side of the station following redevelopment of land there. This was part of the rationale for choosing a Ruru Street entrance for the station. This was endorsed by Auckland Transport at the time.

Once the new CRL line and new Mt Eden Station are operational it will significantly shorten the overall journey time to the city centre, eastern and southern suburbs for customers coming from the Fenton Street / Wynyard Street area, even though an additional approximate 200 metres walk will be needed to get to the Mt Eden Station’s entrance.

Second entrance – project update

Through 2020, the concerns were raised by residents in the surrounding area, and the Albert-Eden Local Board about the single entrance design. One of the main considerations, was the changes in the zoning laws, and subsequent proposed redevelopments in the surrounding areas south of the station.

At a meeting with Auckland Council, City Rail Link and Auckland Transport in December 2020, AT committed to investigating the possibility of a second entrance, separate to the City Rail Link project.

Following this work, Auckland Transport can now confirm that the proposed plan is to convert the emergency exit leading to the new Fenton Street pedestrian bridge, to a second entrance. This second entrance will only provide access to the Western Line platforms, as there is not enough space to give access to the new City Rail Link platforms.

Because of the limited space and proximity to the overhead lines in this area, Auckland Transport will not be able to install a lift or an escalator at this second entrance. The project team has received approval from the relevant internal stakeholders, confirming that this entrance will not being fully accessible. This proposal has also been endorsed by Auckland Transport’s universal access advisory group (CPAG).

Next steps

The detailed design work and construction continues for Mt Eden station as part of the City Rail Link project. Auckland Transport will begin the process to secure funding for this second entrance. In the meantime, the design work on Mt Eden Station’s second entrance is underway.

The second entrance design will reflect AT’s Transport Design Manual requirements, and that of the NZ Building Code and other relevant design standards.

The second entrance is a separate project to the City Rail Link station redevelopment and will begin once Mt Eden station construction is completed. Because of this, the second entrance will not be ready for the first day of operations when Mt Eden station reopens.

More information on the next steps and timeline for the second entrance is expected in late 2021.

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