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The Avondale Open Streets Activation project will deliver a series of events in part of the Avondale town centre, which will be made temporarily car-free. 'Open Streets’ is a global initiative where streets are transformed into public zones where people can walk, cycle, socialise and celebrate - transforming ideas around what community engagement is possible in urban areas.

The purpose of Open Streets is to open public spaces to other forms of transport beyond motorised vehicles. This demonstrates a commitment to creating a greater balance in transport options and the importance of community in the development of Auckland’s transport infrastructure.

The project was proposed by the Whau Local Board and funded through the new Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau - The Vibrant Streets Programme. Read more about the Local Board’s response to grant application funding.

A blue car is a blur as it speeds around the central round about in Avondale town centre.

The plan for ‘Open Streets’ in Avondale 

The Avondale Open Streets Activation project would involve making part(s) of the Avondale town centre car-free for a few hours through temporary road closures. This would allow us to encourage mode shift through fun and play by temporarily opening the street to people to walk, ride their bicycle, scoot or roller-skate. 

Avondale Open Streets Activation will be delivered through a co-design model that relies on exploring, designing and delivering the series of events with key groups and communities within Avondale. It is expected that an Avondale Open Streets programme with a reoccurring schedule will create a community routine and familiarity of streets being closed to vehicle traffic and open to people.  

The programming will be co-designed and co-delivered with community stakeholders who will be able to shape the events by:  

  • crafting the vision for Open Streets in Avondale
  • providing input on the preferred timing and programming of events
  • identifying any existing local events to which an open streets element can add value  
  • generating interest and involvement in the project.

The events will allow us to test and trial ways to make open streets event effective and achievable for other communities to try. We will document the trial and the processes and make this information available for other communities to use in the future. 

Potential benefits of Open Streets in Avondale  

Creating an Open Streets Activation Programme in Avondale could:   

  • enable full use of the road reserve for the community activation
  • encourage people to attend via active modes and public transport
  • support local business
  • encourage community connection
  • encourage networking and participation in recreational and creative initiatives
  • rest and trial ways to implement open street events for communities.

Our work so far 

The project team has been working on setting up the project framework to ensure that the implementation of the project aligns with both the community’s intent and the goals of the NTN programme. The framework has also centred around growing a working relationship between AT/Council Family and subject matter experts in the Avondale Community, developing a stakeholder/community engagement plan, creating a high-level project scope and budget for resourcing, and monitoring/evaluation tools. 

Community stakeholders were invited to attend one of information sharing sessions held on Wednesday, 16 November 2022 in the Avondale Community Centre. The sessions were held to provide community members with information about the Open Streets project, and to hear their initial thoughts about what Open Streets in Avondale could look like. 

Download the Open Streets project presentation (PDF 3.46MB).

Next steps 

  • December 2022: The project team will continue finalising the project framework including community facilitation for co-design workshops, event production resourcing and project location/TMP initiation.
  • Early 2023: Community Co-Design Workshops for the community to plan for Open Streets programming in Avondale.
  • 2023 to 2024: An event producer will implement all events related to the Avondale Open Streets programme. All programming must be completed before the end of June 2024.

Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau - The Vibrant Streets Programme 

Avondale Open Streets Project is part of Auckland Council’s Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau - The Vibrant Streets Programme.

Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau is aligned to Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan. The plan aims to reduce transport emissions by improving access to active modes (such as cycling or walking) and infrastructure. 

In the 2021 to 2031 10-year Budget, Auckland Council allocated $152 million of new spending on climate change initiatives over 10 years. 

Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau is a $3 million, 3 year programme covering 7 projects across Auckland. We are delivering this programme as part of this climate action package. 

For more information email ngatiritingangahau-thevibrantstreets@at.govt.nz