Dynamic lanes Dynamic lanes

Dynamic lanes use overhead signs and on road lights (cats eyes) to change the direction of centre lanes at peak times, improving traffic flow.

In 2018, AT installed dynamic lanes on Whangaparaoa Road, saving road users up to 7 minutes. In late 2020, we will install dynamic lanes on Redoubt Road in Manukau. 

They already operate in Auckland on Panmure Bridge, Auckland Harbour Bridge, and Whangaparaoa Road.


Safety is a key priority for us with independent safety checks undertaken and close monitoring of the lanes to continue throughout.

We have followed international best practice in designing both the Whangaparaoa and Redoubt Road dynamic lanes.

Maioro Street Dynamic Lanes Tile Image

Maioro Street dynamic lanes and safety improvements

We are planning to build dynamic lanes on Maioro Street between the New Windsor Road and Richardson Road intersections.

CM Redoubt Rd

Redoubt Road dynamic lanes

To improve journey times, Auckland Transport (AT) will install dynamic lanes on Redoubt Road in Manukau

CM Whangaparoa Road

Whangaparaoa Road dynamic lanes

Auckland Transport (AT) has installed dynamic lanes along Whangaparaoa Road to reduce traffic congestion during peak times.

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