Layout 3 Layout 3

One-way cycle lane on both sides of the road with parking retained on both sides.

A physically separated one-way cycle lanes on both sides of the road, with parking spaces retained. Where the cycle lane crosses a driveway, a small speed cushion will be installed parallel to the road, so vehicles can still get through while ensuring safety for people on bikes.

Download consultation plans for layout 3 locations (PDF 2.4MB).

Morrin Rd - type 3

Morrin Road

  • The flush median will be removed and right turn pockets will be available at entrances to side streets.
  • On street parking will be available along both sides of Morrin Road, but some parking close to side street entrances will be removed to improve visibility for all road users and to create space for a turning bay for vehicles turning right into side streets.

Stonefields Avenue

  • One traffic lane will be removed from each side of the road on Stonefields Avenue between College Road and Morrin Road to provide space for the cycleway.

Cross-section Stonefields Ave northbound direction