Layout 4 Layout 4

Two-way cycle lane on one side of the road with some parking retained.

A physically separated two-way cycle lane on one side of the road, with some parking spaces retained. Where the cycle lane crosses a driveway, a small speed cushion will be installed parallel to the road, so vehicles can still get through while ensuring safety for people on bikes.

Download consultation plans for layout 4 locations (PDF 2.1MB).

Apirana Ave - type 4

Apirana Avenue - between Taniwha Street and Merton Road - cycleway on western (northbound) side

  • The existing zebra crossing outside 244 Apirana Avenue will become a signalised crossing.
  • The existing bus stop outside the train station entrance will be upgraded to enable easier drop off and pick up.
  • A new bus layover will be located on Apirana Avenue on the western (northbound) side, opposite the Mobil petrol station.
  • A new bus stop will be located on Apirana Avenue on the eastern (southbound) side, requiring the removal of the parallel parking outside 294 and 296 Apirana Avenue.
  • The existing bicycle box storage will be replaced with a new bicycle parking shed that will provide more parking spaces.
  • The angled parking outside 244 and 260 Apirana Avenue will remain.

Taniwha Street - between Line Road and Apirana Avenue - cycleway on southern (westbound) side with parking on northern side kept

  • On-road parking on Taniwha Street on the southern (westbound) side, outside 222 Taniwha Street, will be removed.
  • 2 angled on-road parking spaces outside the G.A.S. petrol station on Taniwha Street will be removed, with 4 parking spaces still available.

Cross-section Taniwha St westbound direction