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Safe speeds programme Safe speeds programme

In 2017, 64 people died on our roads and an additional 749 were seriously injured. In each of these crashes, the speed at which the driver was travelling determined the seriousness of the injury. Auckland Transport is working hard to bring down this unacceptably high rate of death and serious injuries on our roads to zero.

Project status: Investigation
Project zone: Region-wide

Proposed speed limit changes around Auckland.jpg

Speed limit changes around Auckland

Auckland Transport is introducing a new bylaw to set new speed limits, including lower speed limits for approximately 10% of Auckland’s local roads.

Safe speeds overview.jpg

Safe speeds overview

Safe speeds for Auckland overview.

Safe speeds the reasons.jpg

Safe speeds - the reasons

Safe speeds - the reason why we are doing this.

Myths and misconceptions about speed.jpg

Myths and misconceptions about speed

Myths and misconceptions about speed.

City And Town Centres Safe Speeds

City and town centres, urban residential and rural safe speeds programme

City and town centres, urban residential and rural safe speeds programme.

Residential Parking 294

Residential Speed Management programme

Learn more about our Residential Speed Management programme.

Project overview

Auckland has a serious problem with people needlessly dying and being seriously injured on Auckland’s roads. In 2017 alone, 64 people died and an additional 749 were seriously injured on our roads.

Of those 64 killed, 44% (28) were speed related fatalities.

Out of the 28 speed related fatalities: 

  • 50% (14) were vehicle drivers.
  • 32% (9) vehicle passengers.
  • 4% (1) people on bikes.
  • 4% (1) people on foot.
  • 11% (3) motorcycle riders.

That amounts to more than a 70% increase since 2014 or over three times the rate of the rest of New Zealand. These are not just numbers but represent our people, our whānau and our communities, whose lives have forever changed and been devastated due to road trauma.

We are working closely with all our partners including the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and NZ Police to make our roads safe for everybody. We want to move towards a more “forgiving” road network, where a mistake made by a driver or road user does not lead to devastating consequences. We are also moving away from the “blame the driver/road user” attitude towards solutions where death and serious injury do not occur in the event of a crash. This is moving towards a Vision Zero approach.

Local Board road safety reports

Each local board in the Auckland region has put together a report which outlines:

  • Road casualty trends 2013 to 2017.
  • Deaths and serious injury by travel mode.
  • Road safety focus areas for in Local Board area.
  • High risk routes in Local Board area.
  • High risk intersections in Local Board area.
  • Safety improvement projects 2018-19.
  • Pedestrian safety and shared path network expansion 2018-19.
  • Speed management investigations 2018-19.
  • Road safety and school travel behaviour activities 2018-19.

Read the Local Board road safety improvements 2018 to 2019

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