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Safe speeds programme Safe speeds programme

Auckland Transport’s Safe Speed Programme is creating a road network that ensures speed limits are safe for everyone who is using them. That’s because people are needlessly dying and being seriously injured on Auckland’s roads. We are all human and make mistakes while driving, but it is speed that determines whether the mistake ends in a serious injury or death.

Our aim is to bring Auckland’s unacceptably high rate of death injuries on our roads to zero. 

Project status: On going
Project zone: Region-wide

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Safe speeds - the reasons

Safe speeds - the reason why we are doing this.

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Myths and misconceptions about speed

Myths and misconceptions about speed.

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Have your say on speed limit changes

Public feedback is open until 14 November 2021

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Town Centres safe speeds programme

City and town centres, urban residential and rural safe speeds programme.

Residential Parking 294

Residential Speed Management programme

Learn more about our Residential Speed Management programme.

Project overview

Speed plays a crucial role when drivers make mistakes and crash. Even when speed doesn't cause the crash, it is the single biggest determinant in whether anyone is killed, injured or walks away unharmed. There are individuals, whānau and communities that are changed and devastated by our road trauma. The human cost is incalculable but the socio-economic burden has been estimated at $4.73 million per fatal crash.

Vision Zero

Auckland Transport is adopting a Vision Zero approach to our road network. Vision Zero says that even one death on our transport system is too many. Transport needs to put people first and that means creating a road transport system with people and safety at its heart. It means safe public transport, safe walking and cycling, safe transport infrastructure, safe speeds and high quality roads and streets and safe vehicle infrastructure. 

We invite all Aucklanders to join us and our partners on our journey to make Tāmaki Makaurau roads safe for everyone.

Vision Zero partners

We work closely with our partners Waka Kotahi. NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and NZ Police and the Ministry of Transport. Together we are working on a more “forgiving” road network, where a mistake made by a driver or road user does not lead to devastating consequences. With lower speeds we are making our roads safe for everybody.

​Previous speed limit changes

Local Board road safety reports

Each local board in the Auckland region has put together a report:

Read the Local Board road safety improvements 2018 to 2019

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