Cryers Road, Trugood Drive intersection improvements Cryers Road, Trugood Drive intersection improvements

We are working to improve safety and reduce morning peak congestion at the intersection of Cryers Road with Trugood Drive, Highbrook Park.

Proposal status: Construction

Project update

Following consultation in October 2021, we have engaged Fulton Hogan to start construction in November 2022.

This project is funded by the Regional Fuel Tax and Waka Kotahi.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation whilst we carry out these essential works.

Project overview  

There has been extensive queuing on Trugood Drive, especially during the morning peak. More than 10 crashes turning onto Cryers Road were reported in the past 5 years.

The work will improve safety and reduce morning congestion at the intersection by:

  • converting the intersection to a roundabout 
  • installing signal metering on Trugood Drive to prevent significant queuing on Cryers Road
  • building new crossing points for people to cross the road
  • building new raised speed tables to vehicles down.

How this will benefit the Highbrook business area 

These changes will:

  • alleviate the morning peak congestion from Trugood Drive
  • make it more manageable and safer to exit onto Cryers Road from Trugood Drive
  • reduce the crash risk of vehicles from Trugood Drive
  • improve pedestrian accessibility and crossing the intersection
  • improve safety for all modes.

What you need to know

Works will start in November 2022 and will take approximately 7 months to complete, depending on weather. Day works are from 9am to 3pm. At times, we'll need to work at night.

Plan your journey. Expect delays, longer travelling times, and queues.

Traffic flow in and out of the area and any detours will be managed using a mix of:

  • temporary traffic signals (stop/go signs)
  • traffic lights
  • a lower speed limit.

Help keep our construction crew safe by slowing down and following all signs and traffic directions when moving through the area.

Access and parking

On street parking will be limited while we carry out this work. Customers and employees may need to park on your property, or on a side road and walk to where they want to go.

Access to your business or workplace will be restricted at times. Traffic controllers will be on site to help manage access for customers, deliveries, and employees.

Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Get in touch

For project related questions (design, consultation etc) please contact AT by:

More about the proposals 

Signal Metering  

  • The signals will be placed on Trugood Drive and will operate like traffic lights to prevent significant queuing on Cryers Road.
  • Sensors on Cryers Road monitor traffic flow. When long queues are detected, the red/stop signal is triggered to stop vehicles on Truggood Drive. Once cleared, the green/signal is activated.
  • If there are no long queues on Cryers Road, the signal will stay green.
  • The signals are proposed to operate during the morning peak 7 am to 10 am, Monday to Friday.
  • The signals aim to balance traffic flow at the roundabout and prevent significant queuing.

New roundabout  

  • Traffic on Cryers Road has the right of way. Converting the intersection to a roundabout will give Trugood Drive traffic more opportunities to enter Cryers Road and safer than happens now.
  • It will have a mountable apron meaning larger vehicles can manoeuvre easily on and around the roundabout.
  • The existing Cryers Road slip lane will stay.

Swedish-style raised speed tables 

  • The proposal is to install a Swedish-style table. Swedish-style speed tables are raised tables with only one sharp ramp, which produces a smoother ride for heavy vehicles and buses. This type is more appropriate for the Highbrook business area than a typical speed table used on residential streets.

Download the Cryers Road, Trugood Drive Intersection Improvements Map (PDF 144KB)


In October 2021, we received feedback on plans to make improvements on Cryers Road and Trugood Drive. We received public feedback on the proposal from 7 people via written feedback form.

Those supporting the proposals made suggestions such as:

  • building an underpass/overpass for pedestrians
  • a separate signal meter activation for an access road off Cryers Road
  • a new berm on Cryers opposite Trugood for ‘B’ train trucks turning into the driveway at 123 Cryers Road.

Those not in support gave reasons that it will make traffic worse and slow things down, especially because of the speed tables.

Following analysis of the external feedback, the proposal received support and questions and suggestions for AT have been answered. Therefore, the proposal proceeded as is.

View feedback report. (PDF 105KB, 10 pages)

Auckland Transport cares for your safety. We want to make our roads safe for everyone, people walking and cycling, especially for our kids and senior citizens and people driving. Projects like this one around Cryers Road and Trugood Drive are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are guided by the Vision Zero approach to transport safety, which prioritises human safety over other measures (like minor time saving).