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The Eastern Busway is about creating more lifestyle and climate-friendly travel options for the growing East Auckland community.

To find out what’s next for the project read our June 2022 Eastern Busway update (PDF 589KB)

Pakuranga to Botany update

Thank you for your feedback in 2021 and 2022 on the draft design of the Eastern Busway between Pakuranga and Botany. Your feedback is helping to shape the design of the project.

In February 2022, based on consultation feedback and analysis, AT approved the proposed design between Pakuranga Town Centre and Ti Rakau Drive Bridge, including the Reeves Road Flyover. 

In May 2022 AT considered the route options between Ti Rakau Drive Bridge and Botany Town Centre and would like further time to engage with the community before deciding the route. AT’s decision on this section of the alignment will be known at the beginning of July.

View more information about the Eastern Busway between Pakuranga and Botany.

Community engagement - Pakuranga to Botany

Between March and April 2022, we held three online and three in-person community meetings on the proposed design of the busway and to give the community more opportunities to talk directly with AT and the Eastern Busway Alliance.

June 2022

You are warmly invited to join us at an Eastern Busway information session to give your feedback on the busway between Pakuranga and Botany. These sessions will be held at East City Wesleyan, Church 219 Burswood Drive, Botany on the following dates: 

July 2022

Additional pop-in information sessions on the route between Pakuranga Town Centre to Ti Rakau Drive Bridge will be widely advertised when the dates, times and venues are confirmed. 

A bus station on Ti Rakau Drive

Image: Artist impression of a bus station on Ti Rakau Drive, November 2021

Project overview

The Eastern Busway will connect Botany, Pakuranga, and neighbouring suburbs to the rail network in Panmure.

The busway will include new stations at Pakuranga and Botany with three stations in between them, cycling and walking connections, urban design enhancements, revitalised town centres, and initiatives to improve traffic flow.

The Reeves Road Flyover between Pakuranga Road and Waipuna Bridge will reduce traffic congestion in the Pakuranga town centre and improve journey time and reliability.

When the busway is complete, you’ll be able to travel by bus and train between Botany and Britomart in 40 minutes, which is 20 minutes quicker than now.

Project status

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Project details


  • Better connections and sustainable travel options for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, bus and train customers
  • A reliable 40-minute bus and train trip between Botany Town Centre and Britomart (saving 20 minutes)
  • 12km of safe and separated walking and cycling routes
  • 5km of busway between Pakuranga and Botany fully separated from other traffic
  • 5 new bus stations with quality facilities
  • Reeves Road Flyover reducing vehicle congestion around Pakuranga Town Centre
  • Providing 24,000 more people with access to a bus station within 1km of home


The timeline for building the Eastern Busway is:

Project stages

Ameti Aerial 294


Panmure Station and the Te Horeta road upgrade are complete.

Panmure Basin 294

Panmure to Pakuranga

The busway and walking and cycling facilities between Panmure and Pakuranga are complete. 

Ti Rakau Drive Station Day (1)

Pakuranga to Botany

Construction of the busway and walking and cycling facilities between Pakuranga and Botany is due to start in 2022.

Sylvia Park Bus 294

Sylvia Park improvements

Improvements have been made in the Sylvia Park area.

Ameti Progress Panmure 294

Upcoming road changes

Detailed information about upcoming lane closures or roadworks.

Eastern Busway 3

Translated resources

翻译资源  (Translated resources) for the Eastern Busway project

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