Māngere West cycling improvements Māngere West cycling improvements

The Māngere West Cycling Improvements project fills a key gap in the current cycle network with a vital link between Māngere Bridge village and the Airport.

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About This Project

The proposed cycling improvements will give local people easier and safer access to existing cycle routes across Māngere. It will also provide more transport options for those working in the Airport Oaks employment zone and those travelling to Onehunga and the city centre. These changes will make it easier and safer for more people to bike to work, schools and town centres.

A timeline of the project so far:

  • In 2020, we consulted communities in Māngere West and Māngere Bridge on proposed cycling improvements. During this consultation, members of the community told us they wanted more involvement in developing and designing these improvements.
  • In 2021, the project re-started. We began working more closely with communities in Māngere and Māngere Bridge to understand the local wants and needs better.
  • In 2022, we held collaboration forum sessions, which brought together people from the community to help design these changes. These local people brought a broad range of perspectives and connections to local organisations, businesses and community groups.
  • The resulting design balances a broad range of needs brought to the project by the collaboration forum participants. It has also included expert advice and follows best-practise guidelines.
  • From these workshops, a new preferred route and design has emerged. With the design process now completed, we will open public consultation in November 2023.
  • From these workshops, a new preferred route and design emerged. With the design process complete, public consultation opened in November 2023.
  • A report will be made available in 2024 detailing the feedback we received.F

For more detailed information on the project, including consultation plans please visit Māngere West Cycling Improvements

About the Short-Term Airport Access Improvements Programme

The Māngere West Cycling Improvements project is part of the Short-Term Airport Access Improvements Programme (STAAI) which is working to improve access to Auckland Airport.

The airport and surrounding areas are vital for our city and country. The airport is the main gateway to New Zealand, a key freight destination, and the surrounding Airport Oaks area is one of the largest employment zones in the region.

The Short-Term Auckland Airport Improvements programme is led by Auckland Transport, alongside Waka Kotahi and Auckland International Airport Limited. It recognises that easier access to the airport can only be achieved by diversifying how people can get to it.

The programme has achieved the early construction of Puhinui Station for bus and rail, revised bus services, and bus priority lanes on Lambie Drive and Puhinui Road. Māngere West Cycling Improvements is the last remaining project of the Short-Term Airport Access Improvements programme. It will make it easier to travel by bike between residential areas in Māngere and the existing shared path to the airport along George Bolt Memorial Drive.

Project updates

October to December 2023

In November 2023 public consultation opened and we continued with our engagement events to encourage people to submit their feedback, we provided iPads and paper copies of the consultation questions to ensure everyone who wanted to, could feedback easily. We held a series of local engagement events in Māngere and Māngere Bridge where people could meet the team and ask questions about the project. Mail outs of a detailed brochure with an opportunity to provide feedback online, or via postal form were also sent to residents in Māngere and Māngere Bridge.

In December 2023 the public consultation closed and a summary report is being written which will be made available to view in early 2024.

February to May 2022

We held a series of collaborative design forums with community representatives, including business groups, community groups and residents online. This means people who are affected by the proposed cycling network through the area got a say on where cycle routes could be developed, including where street parking facilities are affected. The goal over the 4 sessions was to develop a concept for proposed cycling improvements that reflects the needs and wants of the community, while meeting our requirements.

Note: The COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing restrictions on gatherings and the way we engage with communities created further pressure on the collaborative design phase of this project. The forums were due to take place September 2021. Due to the Delta outbreak delivery was deferred to early 2022 as there was stakeholder preference to hold them in-person.

Subsequently, the Omicron variant arrived in the community early 2022. Due to the associated risks, there was a need to pivot delivery to an online platform without further delaying the project.

View the output of the four Collaboration Forum sessions:

July to August 2021

Working alongside an existing Māngere community group, the project team hosted a series of events to meet with community members to understand where they currently travelled around Māngere West, the places they would cycle if it were safe, and the barriers to cycling.

February 2021

We restarted the project as public feedback indicated communities in Māngere and Māngere Bridge wanted more involvement in developing cycling connections in the area.

November to December 2020

Public consultation on a package of 5 cycling links in Māngere West. Public feedback closed on 13 December 2020. Read the full report. (PDF 1.9MB, 79 pages)

Next Steps

We opened public consultation in November 2023 and it is now closed. A summary of the report will be available in 2024.

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