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Glenvar Road and East Coast Road improvements Glenvar Road and East Coast Road improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is applying for funding to make improvements to parts of Glenvar Road, a short section of Ashley Ave and East Coast Road (between Glenvar Road and Oteha Valley Road).

Project status: Consultation - closed 8 December 2019.
Project zone: North

Project overview

In response to requests from the community, and building on knowledge gathered from similar investigations in 2012, we have been investigating potential improvements.

Making these roads safer and more enjoyable for everyone is important to AT. To be able to do so, we need to apply for funding earmarked in the 2018-2028 Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP).

To help us prepare our funding application for the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), we would be grateful if you would tell us about the issues you currently face on these roads and what you would like to see changed

Limited funding is available, so if our application is successful, the types of improvements possible could be a mix of:

  • footpath upgrades
  • intersection upgrades
  • transit / bus lanes
  • cycle facility upgrades or amendments
  • safety measures.


  • Transit / bus lanes will allow for faster more efficient traffic flow.
  • Intersection upgrades will allow safer and more efficient traffic flow.
  • Raised intersections slow vehicles to help prevent crashes, and if a crash does occur, minimise the damage.
  • Footpath widening will improve pedestrian accessibility and improve footpath connections.


  • November - December 2019 - AT seeks public feedback on potential improvements.
  • February - March 2020 - AT will publish the public feedback report.
  • February - March 2020 - AT refines proposal and submits funding application to NZTA.
  • Mid 2020 - AT works on detailed design based on NZTA outcome/feedback.
  • Late 2021 - AT finalises design.
  • 2022 - 2023 - Construction likely to take place.

Project details

The improvements we’re seeking feedback on have been selected based on an assessment of what will provide the greatest benefit to a growing community while keeping within the available budget. Other options have been investigated and discounted based on a number of considerations including the available budget.

It is important to understand these changes are not final – your feedback will be taken into consideration before we submit our funding application to NZTA. The proposed changes are also subject to NZTA funding approval so the scope of what’s proposed may change.

Improvements to Glenvar Road and East Coast Road map
Improvements to Glenvar Road and East Coast Road map.

Download a hi-resolution version of the map with project details included (PDF 9.4MB).

Footpath upgrades

At present, there are sections of Glenvar Road with no footpath. We propose a shared path along the eastern/ southern side of Glenvar Road - this will require widening the existing footpath. It will be similar to the newly constructed Glenvar Ridge Road shared path and will make it safer and easier for people to walk and cycle.

Intersection upgrades

We propose upgrading the following intersections with traffic lights:

  • Glenvar Road - East Coast Road - Lonely Track Road.
  • Glamorgan Drive - East Coast Road.

This would allow for safer movements for everyone – whether driving, walking or on a bike.
The intersections would also be raised, meaning the entire intersection will be raised from the level of the road with ramps at each entry point. Intersections generally have a heightened risk of crashes occurring. This safety measure aims to slow vehicles to a safe speed to minimise harm should a crash occur.

Download the detailed plans for Glenvar Road – East Coast Road – Lonely Track Road (PDF 2.5MB).
Download the detailed plans for Glamorgan Drive – East Coast Road (PDF 2.5MB).

Safety measures

In addition to the intersection upgrades, we propose:

  • a new raised pedestrian crossing to connect pedestrians and people on bikes on Glenvar Road to the newly constructed Glenvar Ridge Road shared path.
  • a new pedestrian crossings and/or coloured surface treatments across the side roads connecting to Glenvar Road to provide better pedestrian connectivity and safety.
  • planted kerb buildouts along Glenvar Road and ‘slow’ road markings which will help to reduce vehicle speeds to make the area safer - particularly for children getting to and from school.
  • a raised median on East Coast Road (between Glenvar Road and Glamorgan Drive). This would improve safety by reducing the potential for vehicles to crash while turning. The downside is it will limit access to some properties, albeit while providing a safer road overall. We acknowledge the concerns some residents have previously raised, we are keen to get everyone’s feedback on this feature of the proposal.

Cycle facility upgrades or amendments

The existing cycle lanes on East Coast Road do not provide people on bikes with any separation or protection from vehicles. There were two serious injury crashes involving people on bikes in 2018 on this section of East Coast Road.

We propose to add a raised island or berm between the existing cycle lane on East Coast Road to improve the safety and attractiveness of these lanes (similar to the adjacent example). This will encourage less confident riders to use the cycle facilities.

On Glenvar Road, we propose a shared path for people walking and on bikes to share – as described above.

Transit lanes

With increasing demand on Auckland roads, transit lanes are key to using road space more efficiently, providing more capacity and getting more people to where they want to go faster. A transit lane can only be used by buses, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, and motor vehicles carrying a specified minimum number of persons. These lanes operate during specific times of the day or potentially 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more about transit lanes.


AT is aware that many community members have long wanted improvements to Glenvar Road and East Coast Road – particularly at the main intersections.

In addition, elected members have voiced their desire for road upgrades. AT included the project in the RLTP following a public petition. The RLTP has earmarked $45.6 million dollars for improvements (available if the funding application is approved).

We acknowledge the history of requests for improvements to these roads –which is why we want to put forward a funding application to NZTA.

To those who have been calling for improvements for some time, including those who submitted in a 2012 consultation, we thank you for your patience and kindly ask you to assist us by providing your feedback on what you would like to see.

AT has carried out investigations and agrees with the community that the Glenvar Road – East Coast Road corridor is in need of upgrades in order to maintain desirable road conditions and safety standards.

Auckland is growing and changing. At the same time, the number of cars on our roads continues to increase.

Our roads are becoming increasingly congested and in many areas building and widening roads is no longer a cost-effective or sustainable option.

As Aucklanders, we need to find smarter ways of making use of the space we have. AT wants to assist by providing you with more transport choices like walking, riding bicycles and using public transport.

AT is working to make travelling around Auckland safer, easier and more efficient. If our funding application is successful, these improvements along sections of Glenvar Road, Ashley Avenue and East Coast Road will contribute to that approach.

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