Step 5: Close CAR when work completed Step 5: Close CAR when work completed

Once all work has been completed on site (final reinstatement and all Temporary Traffic Management removed), you are required to notify AT of completion of work via MyWorksites.

Notify AT of work completed

As soon has you have completed the work including the appropriate final reinstatement, you are required to notify of completion.

Works completion notice

Login to your MyWorkSites account and update the work status by pushing the "Complete Work" button.

As part of your notification, you need to confirm the work completed and include any compaction test results and as-built plans. These are required so that AT has a record showing the asset has been reinstated to the correct specifications/standards.

If your CAR included Excavation please also email the following to advise that work is complete so we can undertake an audit process:

Non-notification of work completed

If you fail to notify of completion within 10 working days of completion on site you will be charged a non-notification of completion fee.

AT inspection to certify work (Excavation CARs only)

After you notify of work completion AT will then arrange an inspection to certify the work is up to standard.

Accepted completion notices

Once your works completion has been accepted, the 2-year warranty period will then begin.

Accepted completion notices will put the work into a 2-year warranty period.

For more information on what is required please contact the Compliance team at

Rejected completion notices

If the reinstatement is not compliant the completion notice will be rejected and you are liable to rectify this and notify of completion again. This may incur additional charges.

Notification of completion of 2-year warranty period (Excavation CARs only)

At the end of the 2-year warranty period the applicant is required to update MyWorksites, notifying warranty completion, confirming a final maintenance audit was carried out and no issues noted.

If the reinstatement work fails during this period you are liable to correct it.

AT audit and close CAR

The notification of the end of the warranty period then allow AT to carry out their own audit and confirm there are no issues. This will then close out the CAR process and any further obligations the applicant has to this site.

For more information on what is required please contact the Compliance team at


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