Step 4: CAR approved with Works Access Permit (WAP) Step 4: CAR approved with Works Access Permit (WAP)

When your CAR is approved you will issued with an accepted Works Access Permit (WAP). With a status of, "Ready to Start".

Starting work

Once your Corridor Access Request has been approved you are required to notify AT of your actual start and completion dates via MyWorksites. A guide on how to do this can be found here under Help & FAQs. You may only work within the approved work date window. 

Notification of work start

When you start work onsite, please notify AT of this by updating the work status. Logon to your MyWorkSites account and use the "Start work" button on the WAP.

If you are found to have started work but not notified of start you will be charged a non-notification of start fee.

Non-notification of start fee

Notifying AT when you are starting work is required to ensure AT has visibility of who is operating in the road network over any given period and allows for easier coordination of worksites.
Failure to notify either may result in additional fees being added.

Changes or working outside of approved work date window

Remember to monitor your site regularly to ensure the traffic management is appropriate and WAP is valid. You may need to amend and resubmit your WAP to ensure approval is relevant.


Do not enter your credit card number, bank account number, or any other personal financial information.