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COVID-19 information

AT Local is running during the pandemic

AT Local runs at the Red, Orange and Green levels of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

AT may introduce specific practices and restrictions to help keep you safe when you use AT Local. These will be updated as Government advice and restrictions change:

  • Do not use AT Local if you feel unwell
  • Register your AT HOP card
  • Everyone aged 12 years and over must wear a mask over their nose and mouth while using AT Local unless they have an exemption
  • There is a NZ COVID tracer app QR code for customers to scan in every vehicle
  • Every AT Local trip must be booked so AT can contact customers if we need to
  • Vehicles are cleaned every day
  • ‘High touch’ areas (e.g. door handles) are cleaned more often
  • Cleaning materials and hand sanitiser are available in the vehicles for customers to use

Face mask

Everyone aged 12 years and over must wear a face mask over their nose and mouth while using AT Local unless they have an exemption

About AT Local

Who can use AT Local

There are no restrictions on who can use AT Local.

Children under the age of 5 years must be accompanied by a fare-paying customer aged 18 years or older. Children aged 5 years and older may travel on their own. Make sure you include any children (including under 5s that travel on AT Local for free) in your booking (see “Can I make a group booking? Can I make a booking for more than one person?” below).

If you live outside the AT Local Service Zone, or want to get to somewhere outside the AT Local Service Zone.

AT Local only operates within the Zone shown, serving Conifer Grove, most of Takaanini and part of Papakura.

To get to or from places outside this Zone, use AT Local in combination with AT’s buses and/or trains. Use the AT Mobile app or the AT Journey Planner to plan your journey. These tools will tell you which trains and buses to take, and the time you will need to book AT Local for, to complete your journey. Use the “Arrive by” setting in the AT Local app or let the AT Local Call Centre representative know if you need to be at a bus stop or train station in time to catch a specific bus or train.

Getting to the start and end of AT Local trips

Pick-up and drop-off points will be an average of 120m, or three minutes away, from your origin and destination.


AT Local is designed to be accessible, but through this trial we’ve learned our existing vehicles are not accessible for people with wheelchairs. We’re investigating alternative vehicles, so AT Local will be fully accessible in the future.

We welcome assistance dogs on board.

If you have a disability, please feel free to phone the AT Local Call Centre on 0800 2 LOCAL (0800 2 56225) to discuss your needs.

Booking a ride 

Booking for more than one person or a group

You can book for up to seven people including yourself, as long as there are enough available seats.

When using the AT Local app, use “Passenger Settings” to increase and decrease the number of people you are booking for.

When booking through the AT Local Call Centre, just let the representative know how many people are in your group.

It is recommended that each person pay their own fare using their own AT HOP card. 

You can pay for other people using the credit on your AT HOP card - from 1 April 2022 you would pay $2.00 for each adult (aged 16 years and older) and $1.00 for each child (aged 5 - 15 years). There is no limit to the number of additional people you can pay for, provided there is enough credit on your AT HOP card to cover their fares.

Any concession on your AT HOP card would not be applied to the additional people.

The additional fares would not be part of the Integrated Fares system – they would not be covered by other train or bus fares previously paid, and if the additional people wanted to transfer from AT Local to a train or bus additional fares would need to be paid for those services. 

Booking for a child or someone else

You can book through the AT Local app or Call Centre as usual. Make sure the person you are booking for has an AT HOP card with enough credit to cover their fare (from 1 April 2022 the maximum AT HOP fare for AT Local is $1.10). We recommend that the person take the mobile phone that was used to make the booking so that AT can contact them regarding the booking if required.

If you are making a booking for a child, remember that children must be aged 5 years or older to travel on AT Local unaccompanied.

Requesting a ride with multiple stops

To help make rides as efficient as possible, passengers cannot add multiple stops. You can instead book multiple separate trips.

When to book

You can book your ride up to seven days in advance of the day of travel. 

The earlier you make your booking, the more likely there will be a seat. If possible, we recommend rides are booked at least one hour in advance.

You can use the AT Local app at any time to make a booking.

The AT Local Call Centre is open to take bookings:

  • Monday to Friday 6am – 8pm
  • Weekends and public holidays 8am – 6pm 

Booking repeat rides

You can book repeat rides for up to 7 days at a time e.g. this allows you to make one booking for the same journey to and from work each day of the week. 

No available rides at the time you want to travel

When you want to leave at or after a specific time (e.g. using the “Leave After” setting in the app) you will be offered the first available ride after the time you provided.

When you want to arrive at your destination by a specific time (e.g. using the “Arrive by” setting in the app):

  • Ensure the trip you’re requesting is feasible e.g. Check you’re allowing sufficient time for the driver to pick you up and get you to your drop-off point safely before your drop-off time; or
  • The AT Local service is fully booked for the time you are requesting to travel.
    • Request another trip with a later “Arrive by” time; or
    • Check the AT Journey Planner or the AT Mobile app to check whether you can make your journey using AT buses and/or trains. 

Number of seats you can book per trip

You can book up to seven seats per trip, subject to availability on board. 

Booking confirmation

When booking through the AT Local Call Centre the representative will confirm your booking and give you your pick-up point and estimated pick-up time (e.g. between 9:10am and 9:20am). If you provide a mobile phone number, your final pick-up time will be confirmed in a text message 15 minutes before the pick-up time.

When booking through the AT Local app you will immediately receive a booking confirmation with your pick-up point and estimated pick-up time (e.g. between 9:10am and 9:20am) within the app. You will be told your final pick-up time through an AT Local app notification and text message 15 minutes before the pick-up time. You’ll also receive an email confirming your requested date and pick-up time.

You must be at the pick-up point before your pick-up time, otherwise your ride may be cancelled.


Find out about GST receipts for travel on the AT HOP card

Identifying your pick up vehicle

You will be told the number of your AT Local vehicle when you book. 

AT Local cars and vans are white with green AT Local branding. 

Cancelling your ride

You can cancel your ride through the AT Local app or by calling us on 0800 2 LOCAL (0800 2 56225).  We ask all passengers no longer intending to travel to cancel their ride as soon as possible, to help other passengers have a quicker ride. 

Not showing up for your ride 

AT reserves the right to suspend your AT Local Account with immediate effect.

Vehicle is late 

We will make every effort to be at your pick-up point on time but occasionally circumstances out of our control may cause a delay. You can use the AT Local app to keep updated on the vehicle arrival time.

Can I use the service if I’m not getting on a train or bus?


On-board experience 

Facilities on board 

Comfortable seating with standard seatbelts. 

There is a CCTV camera inside every AT Local vehicle.

AT Local vehicles will not have car seats (“child restraints”). If you would like to provide your own car seat you may do so, but you must be able to install and remove it yourself.

Travelling with a buggy or pram 

You can bring prams, pushchairs, baby carriages etc. on AT Local for free, as long as there is space in the vehicle, and the driver does not consider the safety and comfort of other passengers to be affected. You must be able to manoeuvre/carry these items yourself as required. 

Travelling with large items like bikes, e-scooters and mobility scooters 

If you can fold your bike/scooter, you can bring it on AT Local if you keep it folded while on board.

AT Local is designed to be accessible, but through this trial we’ve learned our existing vehicles are not accessible for people with wheelchairs or battery-powered mobility scooters. We’re investigating alternative vehicles, so AT Local will be fully accessible in the future.

How to provide feedback on your ride

Lost property

You are responsible for all personal items (including money, luggage, sports gear, computers and bicycles) you bring onto AT Local, so we encourage you to carefully check you have all your personal belongings upon arrival at your drop-off point.

If you have left something on board, please get in touch via or phone 0800 2 LOCAL (0800 2 56225). We’ll try to reunite you with your lost item as soon as possible.

If you find an item that somebody has left on the vehicle, please hand it to the driver as you leave the vehicle. If you believe an abandoned item is suspicious, please do not touch the item and alert the driver immediately. 

Your role as a customer 

If circumstances change 

AT Local’s goal is to provide everyone with the best and most equal service possible. We understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen which require you to cancel a ride. However, frequent cancellations or not showing up for bookings may result in your account being suspended, as this may mean other passengers may miss out on the service. 

Customers must

  • Have a valid and confirmed booking prior to boarding
  • Be at your pick-up point before your pick-up time
  • Fasten seatbelts while on board
  • Remain seated until the vehicle has stopped moving
  • Take any rubbish and your belongings with you
  • Tap your AT HOP card on the reader when you get in the AT Local vehicle and again at the end of your ride
  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth while on board AT Local
  • Adhere to any other instructions given to you by your driver 

Customers must not 

  • Speak to your driver when they are driving
  • Bring hot food or drink on board
  • Consume food or drink while the vehicle is in motion
  • Soil or damage the vehicle
  • Smoke, vape, take drugs or drink alcohol on board
  • Behave in an offensive manner or use any offensive language towards other customers or your driver
  • Intentionally interfere with the comfort or safety of other passengers
  • Instruct the driver to take a different route or to drop you at a different drop-off point than the agreed one 

The driver can refuse to take anyone who is 

  • Intoxicated, under the influence of illegal drugs, unhygienic, behaving in a manner which is dangerous or offensive, or who refuses reasonable instructions from the driver
  • In possession of, playing, listening to or viewing offensive material 
  • Accompanied by an animal (other than an assistance dog)
  • Carrying a weapon or any noxious or illegal substance (e.g. fuel containers, gas cylinders, explosives etc.)  

Can I tell the driver to take a different route or drop me off somewhere different? 

No. Your driver is following a route that is set by the AT Local booking system. The system continually updates the instructions it gives drivers in order to minimise each customers’ wait and journey times, even as new bookings are added to the system. If drivers don’t follow the route they are given by the system, they may be late to pick up other customers, and other customers’ wait times and journey times may be longer. 

Travelling with animals

We welcome and encourage assistance dogs on board.  We ask you to comply with any reasonable instruction given by your driver whilst you and your assistance dog are on board. 

More information 

If this page didn’t have the information you’re looking for, you might find it in the AT Local terms of use.