Pararekau Road improvement updates Pararekau Road improvement updates


11 March

Pararekau Road project completion date – revised

In early February, we updated the project completion date to the start of March.

Due to disruption caused by the Alert Level 3 in February and March, we are advising that the project completion date is now expected to be the end of March. This date will include all the road works, including stabilisation, surfacing works, lighting upgrade and lane markings.

Please note that planting will happen in April/May.

12 February

Project completion date

The completion date for the Pararekau Road improvements project is now expected to be early March. The reasons for this are:

  • An additional consent was required to remove 38 pin oaks outside 124 Pararekau Road. The resource consent was not requested prior to work starting as the arborist’s report did not indicate one was required. It was later determined by the arborist that removing the pin oaks was the best option for allowing for the necessary drainage works to be completed as pruning them by more than 20 per cent was likely to impact their growth or cause them to die.
  • Some owners were concerned about the removal of the dead/dying cypress hedging. Their removal was delayed, delaying the start of drainage work in this location, while additional surveying works were undertaken to demonstrate that the hedging was within the road reserve.
  • The project scope changed to include the installation of a new storm water pipe within a private property. During an initial coordination meeting, the property owner raised some concerns about an existing pipe discharging stormwater to his pond. The project team look into the issue, which required an inspection of the pipe with CCTV cameras. This resulted in the installation of a new, realigned stormwater pipe into the private property.

Fulton Hogan have advised that construction works may occur on weekends starting Saturday, 30 January 2021. This will fast track the completion of the project and help us to meet an early March completion date.


8 October

Preparation work is starting on Pararekau Road

Pararekau Road has deteriorated due to an increase in the traffic volumes using it over the last few years. From October 2020, we will improve the road – both the below ground structure and the surface – for the future.

This will include:

  • Improving the road to address stormwater run-off.
  • Reconstructing and resurfacing 700m of road, installing new kerbs and gutters, and improving the streetlighting.
  • Upgrading stormwater infrastructure.

How this work will affect you

Improving the stormwater infrastructure mostly affects the western side of Pararekau Road where there are a large number of trees. Auckland Transport has directed an arborist to assess the trees in the work area.

The arborists report indicates that to best manage the vegetation within the works area, we need to remove a number of trees due to their condition. These are:

  • Approximately 300m of dead or dying cypresses at the side of the road (in the road reserve) between the northern property boundary of 91 to 103 Hingaia Road, along their Pararekau Road edges.

There are other trees growing within or near the work zone that are unaffected by the work. Our arborist has developed a plan that will minimise the effects of the work on these trees.
An arborist will be on site, throughout, to monitor the work.

We will be speaking to the directly affected property owners about the effect of the work on these all trees.

More information

More details about road closures and detours that may be in place during the construction work will be provided closer to the start date of the work. However, the work will not impact access to the shops on Hingaia Road or to businesses and residences within the area of any road closure, which will be accessible, as usual.

5 May

Pararekau Road temporary improvement works – update 

As you will be aware, the Pararekau Road temporary improvements works were scheduled to occur on 6 May after previously having been delayed during the COVID-19 Level 4 alert period.

Due to the adverse weather Auckland experienced on 3 May, this work has again had to be delayed and is now expected to occur on Monday, 11 May, weather permitting.

1 May

Pararekau Road temporary improvement works under Alert 3 – update

As you will be aware, the Pararekau Road temporary improvements works were not able to proceed during the COVID-19 Level 4 alert period.

We are now able to provide an update following the Government’s decision to move New Zealand into Level 3 from 11.59pm, Monday 27 April.

Auckland Transport has used the time in COVID-19 Alert Level 4 to plan the return to work with a safety focused approach.

We will be undertaking work to temporarily improve the road surface on Pararekau Road on 6 May. This work should take will take one day to complete, depending on the weather, and will improve the road surface for the winter period.

Health, Safety and Physical Distancing

We would like to assure you that our teams will be following strict health, safety and physical distancing guidelines. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and the community.

Each of our project sites has developed a Health and Safety Plan based on Ministry of Health Guidance and industry best practice. At Level 3 these measures include:

Physical distancing, compulsory PPE, hygiene practices on site entry and exit and separating teams into zones on our larger sites.  

Contractors will be required to submit return to work plans to demonstrate a safe return.

There will be a full re-mobilisation and on-boarding process for each site covering COVID 19 restrictions, ensuring a staged, safe return to the projects. 

Inductions for new project staff and compulsory COVID 19 education and training will be part of ongoing site protocols whilst in a Level 2 and 3 scenarios.

What work will be taking place shortly

On 6 May, Downer Construction will undertake temporary improvement to the rough surface on Pararekau Road between Island View Road and the entrance to the Summerset Retirement Village.

This work involves cutting back the existing surface and applying a new, temporary surface to the road.

Weather permitting, the work will be carried at night between 7pm to 5am. During work hours, the following traffic management will be in place:

  • Pararekau Road will be closed
  • Speed levels will be reduced.

Road side parking restrictions will be in place. On the afternoon of 6 May, please make sure you park your cars away from the work site.

Please follow all posted traffic management signs to travel safely around the work sites.

This work should take one day to complete, depending on the weather, and will improve the road surface for the winter period.

Although our aim is to complete the work as quickly as possible to minimise delays and help spur the local economy, our priority must be to ensure the safety of our workers and the general public. As such, the pace of work under Alert Level 3 may not be as rapid as it is under normal circumstances.

We would like to thank you for your continued understanding and patience during construction.